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That Met Gala Show Was A Warm-Up For The 'Eternal Sunshine' World Tour, RIGHT ARIANA?

I suggest the girls who called the queen of pop a “homewrecker” or “not a girls girl” stay far, far away from TicketMaster right now. I’m so serious. Us real fans have been ready to spend our life savings on the Eternal Sunshine tour since before the album even dropped. Guess what? Never once have I felt bothered by Ariana Grande’s feelings for SpongeBob or the alleged messiness of that situation. (Bowen Yang said no one cheated, so everyone can calm the fuck down, please.) Also, who cares even if she did cheat? Women should follow their hearts. Now, all these sly trolls are hopping back on the Ari train after that divine Met Gala performance where she looked like a fairy and sang like an angel. I don’t approve, but I can’t blame them. I think she cast a spell on all of us.

It was clear from those Met Gala clips that the pop icon has missed the stage. How convenient that she just released a new album and is finally finished filming Wicked. It’s almost like… it’s the perfect time for a sold-out world tour. The second Ariana and TicketMonster give me the green light, I’m going to war for those tickets. “The Boy Is Mine” and “True Story” LIVE? I will need CPR. Since everyone wants to know: Here are all the details I have about Ariana’s potential Eternal Sunshine tour.

What Songs Did Ariana Sing At The Met Gala?

Ariana Grande singing at the Met Gala
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After the pop legend was carried into the Met performance area by dancers dressed as fairies, she sang “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty to honor the Met Gala theme, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Ariana also sang dreamy renditions of “Into You,” “7 Rings,” “Yes, And?,” and “We Can’t Be Friends” before bringing out her Wicked costar, Cynthia Erivo, to sing a cover of “When You Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. I have never been so mad at Anna Wintour for not inviting me.

Is Ariana Doing An Eternal Sunshine Tour Soon?

Obviously, there’s been no formal announcement yet, but Ariana did talk about the possibility during an appearance on The Zach Sang Show. “Um, TBD,” she said about touring Eternal Sunshine. Ari explained, “I would love to do shows. I love being on stage. I miss being on stage. I miss my fans so much.” This sounds promising…

She shared that she had a “really hard time emotionally” during her last tour, the Sweetener tour. “I think that’s because of where I was at,” the singer told Zach Sang. “I think I’m really excited to redefine my relationship to shows when I’m ready and to see what that looks like.” Also promising! BUT, Ariana did note that she has a super busy year with all things Wicked. 

If she does tour, she says it would be “shorter” and a “littler something,” but she definitely has “the itch.” What I’m hearing is: It’s not out of the question. I suspect that after that Met Gala show, Ariana’s gonna have the revelation that she must get back on stage more often.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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