Somebody Needs To Rescue Anwar Hadid From The Modeling World

Earlier this week, the Hadid siblings took London Fashion Week to model Gigi’s new Tommy Hilfiger collection. Obviously, this included the star Gigi herself, her less hot sister Bella, and…her brother Anwar? Excuse me, but I don’t know this person? Is he a male version of Gigi that looks kind of like a young Leo DiCaprio? Because if so, my prayers have been answered, and I’m about to spend two to five hours on Google Image Search. Let’s break down what happened at this ground-breaking event.

Gigi opened the show looking fly per usual:

Gigi Walking in Tommy

She was followed by Bella, who didn’t look as amazing as Gigi, but was still giving it her best effort which we’ve gotta respect:

Bella Hadid

And then came Anwar, who was thrilled to be making his debut looks like he wants to die:

Anwar Hadid Modeling

Ok, so not only are my hopes for a new celebrity crush instantly dashed, but now I’m genuinely concerned about what’s going on with Anwar in this photo. Granted, this is also actual footage of me walking into work on Monday after a drinking bender, but still. This is scary.

Naturally bewildered by all of this, I did a two-second Wikipedia search to carefully investigate some of the missing pieces in this story. First of all, Anwar is in fact related to Gigi and Bella and is their youngest sibling at 18 years old. He’s also a professional model, so it’s not like they pulled him out of his third period math class to walk the runway. So why does he look miserable AF modeling with his sisters?

Some possible explanations:

1. He’s on a juice cleanse
2. He’s on a cold-blooded mission to dethrone Gigi and Bella
3. Tommy Hilfiger told he him looked fat

The mystery remains, since even after the show was over, he looked like an actual ghost compared to his two sisters rocking out:

Tommy Now Hadid

Blink twice if you need help, Anwar. You can still maybe be hot if you try.