Another One Of Hannah B's Men Was Exposed For Problematic IG Behavior

Garretts, Garretts, Garretts…will we ever learn? Yes, “Garrett” is plural here because we, yet again, have another Bachelorette contestant named Garrett who got caught liking problematic Instagram and Twitter posts. If you’ll recall, the first Garrett was the one who eventually ended up winning Becca K’s sweet midwestern heart. First, before we even get into the tea here, a word to the wise, don’t name your child “Garrett.” Just save yourself the trouble. Or, at the very least, do not, under any circumstance, allow him to have ANY social media of ANY kind. Point blank, Garretts and social media do not mix, as history shows us.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled serving of tea. So, due to the drama-seeking, expert sleuthing truth tellers known as the kind people of Reddit, it has been revealed that the latest Garrett to grace our screens as a contestant on the Bachelorette, Garrett Powell, unwisely followed in the footsteps of the Garrett before him and got caught for his Instagram likes. In case you don’t remember which one Garrett is (fair because all these guys look the same), it’s this guy:

Not the Dean Unglert lookalike! Say it isn’t so. Unfortunately, it is so. See, Garrett f*cked up. If only he knew the dedication that defines the people of Reddit. Without fail, the Reddit detectives went far BACK to scoop out allllll the dirt on Garrett #2.

I mean, it should come as a surprise to NO ONE that Garrett P. from Alabama is a hard-ass Republican. F*cking Alabama is really trying me this week. Here’s one of the memes that Garrett liked, that kind of just exemplifies every stereotype you probably think about people from Alabama, minus incest:

I mean, beyond the obvious fact that Garrett P. is far from #woke, he’s also seeming to agree with some pretty sh*tty things. His “like” here implies that he endorses some very troubling statements, such as erasure of people who don’t fit within the gender binary. And sure, some of you may argue that maybe it was an accidental like? Maybe he was liking it ironically? Well, all you positive Pattys, just hang tight, because there’s more.

Uh, yikes. Not even going to comment on that one…just going to let it sit. But I mean, YIKES.

So, CLEARLY Garrett P. isn’t the guy recycling in the house. But like, Garrett, c’monnnn. Believing in climate change should really be a given at this point, but sure, let’s liken it to mythical creatures. SMH. I guess not believing in climate change makes being able to see a future with Hannah B. that much more more plausible for him, I don’t know.

And don’t you worry, we’re not done yet! Garrett was personally the artistic mastermind behind this doozy of a tweet from 2015…

Bold statement coming from a straight white man who, I assume from context, has never been to prison. And then we have this gem!

I mean, this one just honestly makes me laugh. Like, what are you getting at here, bud? If we’re out here connecting terrible sh*t that’s happened in the world with the president at that time, I mean, let’s not forget that the biggest tragedy our nation has ever seen occurred during Bush’s administration? Not throwing shade here at Bush, just emphasizing how illogical the argument is here. Although, touché to the Miley as Hannah sentiment there. That was a better era of Miley.

This last “like” is just ignorant, and only something we would see from a privileged entitled a-hole who has never worked a minimum wage job in his life. How much do you want to bet Garrett has never had to support a family on $15 an hour? I’ll wait…

I’ll end here with a PSA… uhm, guys… people can see what you like on Instagram. And they WILL see what you like on Instagram. ESPECIALLY if you’re going to subject yourself to reality TV and the judgement of America, you should probably be more conscious of your social media activities, and maybe be a little more discreet about your a-hole tendencies. I mean, I have no doubts that you’ll show us your real self in good time anyway. But why label yourself as the most hated dirtbag of the season before you’ve even had the chance to show us that every Monday night???

Images: Reddit; Instagram

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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