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A Formal Introduction To Your Favorite Artist's Favorite Artist, Miss Chappell Roan

What were our personalities before Chappell Roan arrived on the scene to serve “CUNT” and pop ~supernova~ perfection? I literally have no idea how we spent our time when we weren’t streaming The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess on repeat, performing the HOT TO GO! dance in our bedrooms in the middle of the night, and obsessing over all of Chappell’s festival fits. Much like Lady Gaga or Madonna, this redheaded midwesterner was put on this earth to Main Pop Girl — yes, I’m using that phrase as a verb — so, thank heavens she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Since I’m personally not like the other girls, I hopped on the Chappell train back in 2022 when I discovered the dangerously addictive bop that is “Naked in Manhattan.” Just call me an A&R. But I’m aware that a lot of folks are brand new to the queer icon and vocal powerhouse, so you probably have a lot of questions right now. Where’s Chappell from? How’d she get famous? What’s the deal with that artist name? Read on to learn all about the already-legendary Miss Chappell Roan.

Everything To Know About Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan at Gov Ball 2024
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How Old Is Chappell Roan?

Chappell was born on February 19, 1998, so the pop queen is 26 now. On her 26th birthday, she shared a cute Instagram carousel featuring casual selfies and some performance outfit pics. She captioned the post, “my 26th year as a Midwest Princess 💌.”

Where Is Chappell Roan From?

The East Coast… JK, JK. The Midwest Princess hails from (the kingdom of) Willard, Missouri. She’s spoken about growing up as a “God girl” there — Chappell went to church three times a week back in the day.

What Is Chappell Roan’s Real Name?

She was born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz and chose the artist name, Chappell Roan, to pay tribute to her late grandfather, Dennis Chappell. His favorite song was “The Strawberry Roan” by Marty Robbins.

How Did Chappell Roan Become Famous?

She was a YouTube girlie! Atlantic Records discovered Chappell’s cover videos and signed her when she was a teenager. Apparently, her high school announced her record deal over the loudspeakers in the same sentence that they announced there would be pizza for lunch. (Two equally important pieces of info.)

Getting signed was just the beginning of years of grinding and financial hardship for Chappell. “It’s funny, because, when you sign to a label, that’s when the real work begins,” she told The Guardian. Soon enough, she was hard at work in songwriting sessions and collaborating with Olivia Rodrigo’s producer, Dan Nigro.

When Chappell released her queer anthem, “Pink Pony Club,” in 2020, Atlantic dropped her. (I’m sure they’re feeling great about that decision now.) She had to move home again, where she worked at a coffee kiosk and planned out her next move. Chappell decided to save some money and give Los Angeles one more try. “I was like: I have no money, but I’m gonna push through; if nothing happens by the end of next year, it’s a sign I need to move back home,” she recalled to The Guardian. 

Slowly, but surely, things started to work out for her. Chappell released her debut album in September 2023, and since then, she’s opened for Olivia Rodrigo, performed an NPR tiny desk concert, and appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She’s currently playing every festival under the sun and is getting more popular by the second! Nothing makes me happier than seeing this woman win.

When Is Chappell Roan Going On Tour?

Chappell kicked off her Midwest Princess tour in September 2023, and she still has the European leg to go. You can also catch Chappell at one of several upcoming festivals, including All Things Go, Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands! See all her upcoming tour and festival dates here.

Is Chappell Roan Releasing New Music?


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♬ original sound – Kate 👩‍💻📱📺⌚️

Chappell only released her debut album nine months ago, so I think we still have some time before she drops her sophomore project. However, she and Dan did tease new music at the ASCAP Pop Awards in May. “I’m feeling good about it, but at the same time we are literally right at the beginning of the recording process, it’s only been a few days,” Dan said.

Chappell noted, “There isn’t much of an agenda with this next album. I plan to do what I have always done: write songs that I love, create music I’m proud of and share that with the world.”

At her recent shows, Chappell’s been performing a new, unreleased track called “The Subway.” If she doesn’t put it out ASAP, there will almost certainly be riots in the streets.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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