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Music Has Literally Never Been Gayer Thanks To Queer Fems And Thems

Thank god Jojo Siwa invented gay pop music, or what else would we be doing with our summer? Between Chappell Roan’s *iconic* performance at Governors Ball last weekend to the All Things Go’s lineup at the end of September, queer women and nonbinary folks are reigning supreme this summer. Even the straightest girl in the world (AKA Sabrina Carpenter) updated her “Nonsense” outro to match our freak: “People who hate pride can suck my Gov balls.” Now, that’s an ally!!

Obviouslyyy, music has always been gay af (there will be no Tracy Chapman erasure here), but it’s thrilling to see my “sad lesbian music” playlist start to overlap with Spotify’s Top 40. The mainstream-ification of queer music has brought Reneé Rapp, Billie Eilish, and Janelle Monáe to some of the biggest stages in music — which wasn’t always the case. According to the Book More Women initiative, less than 25 percent of musicians booked at U.S. music festivals in 2024 were women or nonbinary people, which is why festivals like All Things Go are getting national attention.

If you need a breakdown of what day you should attend, the lineup is basically baby gays on Saturday (Reneé Rapp, Muna, Chappell Roan) and mature gays on Sunday (Janelle Monáe, Julien Baker, Ethel Cain). The inaugural NYC music festival, also known as “Gay-Chella” and “Lesbopalooza,” will also host Rapp’s girlfriend, Towa Bird, and I fully expect plenty of PDA.

And since the chronically online are typically chronically gay, the Twitter reactions to Gov Ball and All Things Go festival lineup don’t disappoint. Happy Pride, bitches!

The Gayest Reactions To 2024 Summer Festivals 

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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