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Chappell Roan's Dating History Is Full Of Femininomenons And Hyper Mega Bummer Boys

I’m feeling kind of elite these days ’cause I’ve been listening to Chappell Roan since 2022. What can I say? I’m better than all these new bitches jumping on the bandwagon now. I can do the “HOT TO GO!” dance in my sleep. I recite the “I’m your dream girl’s dream girl” speech in the mirror daily. And whenever I hear an indie boy song against my will, I immediately yell, “What the FUCK do you indie pop boys have to say? What are you singing about? Fucking… a cigarette? Literally fucking a cigarette??” Some of us are just born with taste and an eye for pop girl icons, I suppose.

If you’re just now familiarizing yourself with this legend’s discography, you’re fucking late. But welcome. Chappell’s debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, is packed with bangers like “Casual,” “My Kink is Karma,” and “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” — clearly, the poor girl has been through her fair share of situationships and brutal breakups. It’s officially time for us to discuss Chappell’s complicated dating history and all her exes that inspired this glorious body of work.

Chappell Roan’s Dating History:

Chappell Roan Boyfriends

These days, Chappell doesn’t express any interest in dating men, but she does have ex-boyfriends. Her queer Rise and Fall tracks, “Red Wine Supernova” and “Naked in Manhattan,” were actually inspired by fantasizing about women while she was in a relationship with a man. “I was dating a boy then,” she recalled to The Los Angeles Times in August 2023. “I had never even kissed a girl when these songs were written. It was all what I wished my life could be.”

Chappell told Teen Vogue that when her queer anthem, “Pink Pony Club,” came out in April 2020, she had recently gotten out of a four and a half year relationship. (Given the timing, that ex is presumably a man.)

When my queen moved to Los Angeles, she had the crucial realization that boys are just not it. “[Dating a boy is] just literally not fun,” the singer told Teen Vogue. “It’s not fun. It’s not hot. It’s not interesting. It’s boring.” I couldn’t agree more.

Chappell Roan Girlfriends


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During her August 2023 interview with The Los Angeles Times, Chappell revealed that she was dating a girl at the time. “I feel scared kissing her in public,” she shared. “Even though I’m in L.A., homophobia is in the back of my head. It’s liberating, but there’s a new set of problems that I didn’t know existed.”

She also opened up about a relationship with a woman while explaining the inspiration behind “Kaleidoscope” at one of her concerts. Chappell reflected to the crowd, “Queer relationships are so difficult. They’re so complicated sometimes because you fall in love with your friends and it’s a girl sometimes.” She wrote the heart-wrenching ballad about one of those friends-to-lovers situations that didn’t work out.

Is Chappell Roan Single?

Although she hasn’t opened up about her current relationship status recently, I’d imagine the pop star is a little too busy taking over the world to be in a serious relationship.

Chappell Roan’s Messiest Breakup


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It’s hard to say who inspired Chappell’s hit, “My Kink is Karma,” but whoever you are, thank you. In a March 2022 TikTok video teasing the song, the singer shared, “I wrote this after the worst breakup I’ve ever had. I really felt like we would be together forever. But it honestly couldn’t have ended worse. So I ended up writing this about how I feel now.”

In the iconic chorus, she relishes in her ex doing horribly. “People say I’m jealous, but my kink is watching you ruin your life, you losing your mind, you dyeing your hair,” Chappell belts. At Coachella last April, she looked into the livestream camera and had a message for this ex. “Bitch I know you’re watching,” she said, “and all those horrible things happening to you are karma. It’s me!”

Chappell Roan, the woman you are.

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