Why Celebs Are Obsessed With I.AM.GIA & How To Get The Style For Cheap

These days, paying $85 for a top just isn’t where I want to spend my (nonexistent) money. But that isn’t to say I don’t plan on spending it at all. I’d just rather waste it on other meaningless things, like a $5 coffee every morning and rounds of shots for girls I meet in the bathroom when I’m drunk, who I swear I will keep in touch with (once I find their numbers). I hope they’re all doing well. So we’ve already established that expensive clothes are just not my thing, but this fairly new label (literally, like a year old), I.AM.GIA, has been all the rage with supermodels lately, so of course I had to check it out. I’m not above following the trends.

This brand comes with a lot of mystery and questions, like, who is Gia? And where was she all these years? Well, she’s not the founder or the designer, but rather, an imagined badass character who inspires the ensembles designed for the brand. As for where it has been all this time, the now Insta-famous brand wasn’t all the rage in the beginning when it launched. Four weeks after its launch, Bella Hadid’s stylist reached out to the label, and from there the brand flourishing across everyone’s feeds. I.AM.GIA is a lot of bold #wtf outfits, day to night styling, and a fair amount of see-through clothes your mom wouldn’t approve of, but it’s not all bad. They have some very cool pieces that are all over Instagram, and it’s also been worn by some of my favorite celebs, who we’ll get to in a moment. But, like most things my favorite celebs own, the prices at I.AM.GIA are a little steep. Luckily, I found some pretty great replicas for half the price, and that look just as good!