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I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But These Abercrombie Bridal Finds Can Get It

Old habits die hard — especially when we’re talking about shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch. It feels like just yesterday I was walking through an unnecessarily dimly lit room wafting with the scent of Fierce cologne looking for a new tank to layer under my new moose embroidered henley with obnoxiously long sleeves. Luckily, both Abercrombie and I have grown up a bit or I’d be avoiding the store like the plague while finally understanding my mom when she used to say, “I can’t hear myself think in here.”

I will say though, the nostalgia I get shopping there gives me a sense of comfort that I think just about all of us millennial girlies can relate to…I mean, we grew up together! Have literally been through it all. Plus, as an adult buying her own clothes, I’m also comforted knowing the prices aren’t going to totally burn a hole in my wallet…So when I saw people posting Abercrombie and Fitch bridal finds on TikTok recently I immediately investigated. (My toxic trait is shopping for trendy bridal outfits when I’m not even planning a wedding…not sorry.)

@alessiarromeo Abercrombie heard I was in my bridal era 🥹 @abercrombie #AbercrombiePartner #Style ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

Their dresses for the bride did not disappoint — honestly, you could find a timeless outfit for just about any bridal event on their site RN which is wild to think about compared to the low-rise jeans of yester-year. So, if you’re a 2024 bride, or honestly just need a cute white dress, keep scrolling because I found the best Abercrombie bridal finds in the game.

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Something fun for the afterparty

Fringe Mini Dress

The perfect causal outfit for your beachy honeymoon

Crochet-Style Mini Dress

Straw Platform Heels

A moment for the bridal jumpsuit

High-Neck Draped Jumpsuit

The A&F Giselle Pleated Jumpsuit

Something blue???

Stretch Cotton A-Line Mini Dress

Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

The ultimate bach packing list

Halter O-Ring One-Piece Swimsuit

Rosette Ruffle Set Top

Cascading Ruffle Mini Skort

Did someone say bridal shower?

Scarf Slip Mini Dress

Draped Skirt Maxi Dress

Clean Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

Chic and simple white dresses that just hit

Plunge Cowl Back Maxi Dress

Angel Sleeve O-Ring Cutout Gown

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