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A Thorough Study Guide To Chace Crawford's Dating History

Is it definitively true that Gossip Girl ended almost 12 years ago? Yes. Is it also true that the show’s own Nate Archibald, AKA Chace Crawford, has only gotten better-looking and more talented since the show ended? Though seemingly impossible, and perhaps completely objective, this girl says hell yes. And I’m not just saying that because I used to lurk around the Gossip Girl set as a broke New Yorker hungry for the cheap thrill of waving to celebrities as they exited their trailer. Chace is the only actor who could be related to a quarterback’s wife/Miss USA Contestant and still be the better-looking sibling (no offense Candice!!). Despite his popularity on one of the most beloved teen soap operas ever, and his recent career renaissance thanks to his role as the Seven’s problematic fave The Deep on The Boys, Chace has managed to keep his love life pretty lowkey. Not to worry, I’ve assembled all the crucial talking points for your next Chace Crawford fan club meeting. Ladies and gentlemen, Chace Crawford’s dating history, for your viewing pleasure.

Chace Crawford’s Dating History

Carrie Underwood (2007)

Carrie Underwood
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After Carrie dug her keys into the side of someone’s pretty little souped of four-wheel drive, she was rumored to have had a post-American Idol romance with Chace. And before you race to Google, let me save you some clicks: Carrie Underwood is about two years older than Chace Crawford, despite it seeming like they belong to two totally different generations. At the time they were both blue-eyed, perfect-toothed 20-somethings breaking into the entertainment industry. Plus, Chace Crawford is from Texas, so he’s used to a country girl.

Rachelle Goulding (2013-2014)

Rachelle Goulding and Chace Crawford in NY
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Rachelle is a model and television actress whose name might sound familiar since she is currently linked in 2024 to Scooter Braun. She was confirmed to be the latest Mrs. Archibald back in 2013 when the pair were seen spending time together around New York City by Gossip Girl the paparazzi. Chace confirmed their amicable breakup on a radio show in 2014 due to his busy schedule after relocating to LA to work on film projects.

Audrina Patridge (2014)

Audrina Patridge
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If this isn’t the most random 2010 Mad Libs couple, I don’t know who is. Audrina, of The Hills fame, had a brief romance with Crawford (between toxic stints with Justin Bobby). She said Chace was a complete gentleman, but it didn’t go far.

Rebecca Rittenhouse (2015-2019)

Rebecca Rittenhouse Chace Crawford
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Rebecca currently holds the title for Chace’s longest-term relationship. Rebecca played Chace’s wife, Cody Lefever, on the ABC drama Blood and Oil. They were together for more than three years and even adopted a dog named Shiner. Chace recently told Call Her Daddy that he and Rebecca were still happily splitting custody of. Rebecca got engaged to Kyle Robiskie (the marketing head honcho of Beyond Meat) in the fall of 2023. A man who stays on good terms with all of his exes? Yes, I’d consider that a superpower.

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