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A Betchy Breakdown Of The Best And Worst Dressed At BravoCon

If there was ever a time to miss Joan Rivers, it’s now. I’d be willing to get stuck in a Vegas elevator with Teresa Guidice and Louie to hear her commentary on Lisa Vanderpump’s conductor hat.

This past weekend, BravoCon gave us everything and more on the Las Vegas strip. The drama! The tears! The shade! The fashion, and lack thereof.

Bravolebs fall into one of three categories: fire your stylist, get a stylist, or give your stylist a raise. It’s really just the best that they treat this event like they’re Amelia Hamlin at her first Paris Fashion Week. Full throttle. My only complaint is that BravoCon was after Halloween, because by next year going out in only pink sparkly underwear won’t scream “I’M PAIGE DESORBO!” the way I’d like it to.

As we do, we’re giving you a Betchy Breakdown of the best and worst fashion moments from BravoCon 2023.

Tom Sandoval Shocking No One

Tom Sandoval Bravocon
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Always one to make a fashion statement, Tom Sandoval Tom Sandovaled. I hate to even give him a post for this, because if there’s anything he wanted to achieve by wearing a denim skirt, it’s press about it. It honestly would’ve been a bigger shock if he wore jeans and a button down from J.Crew.

Recipient of The Dorit Kemsley Award For Chicest Bravolebrity, Chanel Ayan

Chanel Ayan
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A well-deserved title. Chanel Ayan does the most in the best way. You take a look at her and can’t believe someone so stunningly gorgeous is from the same species as you. Every outfit she wore was a win, and we’re all honestly lucky to have someone of her caliber in the Bravoverse.

All Aboard The LVP Express

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The hat unfortunately casts a fugly shadow over the gorgeous rhinestone pinstripe blazer. Sorry, Lisa, but I can’t focus on anything else.

Jump Scare ft. Kory Keefer

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If your man is dressing like this, run.

Pantsless Paige

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Ok, as someone who loves to talk shit about weird fashion choices, I actually feel like I’m in the minority on this one. I love it? If I was given the opportunity to wear $5,600 Mui Mui crystal underwear on a red carpet in Las Vegas, you bet your pantsless ass I would.

And Pantsless Erin!

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Again, I’m into it! The tights make it feel, dare I say, wearable? I’m not sure where I’d go in this, but I like it! Sue me!


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Very, very, not good. Beyond the fact that it’s currently 85 degrees in Las Vegas, this green-screen-suit-inspired look is giving Kim Kardashian on SNL in 2021 and Teresa Guidice at BravoCon 2022. It’s over, honey!

Danielle Serving Dance Recital Realness

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5,6,7,8, and kick ball change your outfit!!!! I’m sorry, but it’s true. It looks hand-bedazzled and something that would go really nicely with a spunky Jazz routine.


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Not only did Guerdy announce at BravoCon that she’s officially cancer-free, she SHOWED UP. Her outfits were 10s across the board.

Malia’s At The Wrong Event

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Idk, maybe it *could* work at your best friend’s Bachelorette party in Miami or a frat formal at a Big 10 school? Despite how hot she looks, it feels like she’s one crowded hallway away from having a serious wardrobe malfunction. Not the time or place.

Pour One Out For Shep

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Actually, this made me smile. It’s sooo quirky, it weirdly works? At least for Shep it does, IMO.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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