8 Hilarious Photoshop Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

We all love Instagram. I mean, obviously. But with so many people posting the same thirst traps, and using the same filters, and holding the same glasses of rosé, things on the old timeline can start to get a little stale. I can only double tap so many basic girls’ FashionNova photoshoots by the pool. We all want to follow the right people to make our feed more scrollable, but it can be tough to actually know where to find those people. Luckily, we’ve found some of the most unique, creative accounts to spice up your timeline.

Obviously, we love meme accounts, but these graphic designers and Photoshop wizards are taking things to the next level. Whether you love fashion, pop culture, amazing visuals, irreverent humor, or preferably all of the above, here are eight Photoshop Instagram accounts you need to be following. Your productivity at work might go down as a result, but you’ll have lots of great things to send in the group text.


I sent this photo to my friend and she literally thought that was a Barbie doll of Cardi B in an actual tray of oysters. Nope. Siduations is one of my personal favorite Photoshop accounts, and they focus on editing models and celebrities into ridiculous scenarios that somehow look right. Kaia Gerber in an H&R Block? Check. Joe Jonas in a bedroom covered in Jonas Brothers posters? You got it. If you don’t understand, it’s because there’s really nothing to understand.


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??? #congratulations

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If you’re into the royal family, you absolutely MUST follow Reilly. They post about other things, but their wildly creative edits of Queen Elizabeth & fam are reason enough to follow. I seriously haven’t stopped thinking about this photo of goth Harry and Meghan since I first saw it. They also post a good amount of fashion and celebrity content, basically checking all my preferred boxes.


Sara Shakeel takes aesthetic to the next level, but not in the way that the other basic bitches on Instagram do. All her photos are edited with a mesmerizing sparkling effect, and the only thing I don’t love is that things don’t look like this in real life. The celebrity accounts are hilarious, but this one provides incredible visuals that will definitely make your feed a little more glittery.


No question about it, Saint Hoax is one of the funniest accounts on Instagram. Their signature is video edits of celebrity content in the most clever and unexpected ways. Whenever there’s something exciting going on in pop culture, Saint Hoax is always one of the first ones to come out with a hilarious take. See the above video of Britney Spears swatting away all of your problems for proof. 10/10 would recommend.


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This account is exactly what it sounds like. It’s mostly a mashup of Harry Potter and specific fashion runway looks, which is a combination that I didn’t know I needed in my life. Recently they’ve also been doing a good amount of Game of Thrones content. Basically, it’s guaranteed to make you nostalgic for your favorite characters, while also making you laugh. What’s not to love?


We all love Meryl Streep. We all love food. So you definitely need to follow Taste of Streep, an account dedicated entirely to edits of Meryl Streep with food. It’s weird as hell, but in a perfect way. It’s pointless, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Meryl Streep is a national treasure, and this account is just as good. Also, I think I’m craving a cucumber now?


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BALENCIARTHUR @balenciaga #freddiemade

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Freddie Made is another account bringing high fashion together with pop culture in an incredibly creative way. They post a lot of designer fashion campaigns edited with celebrities, and it’s hard to describe how perfect they are. If you’re obsessed with this photo of Arthur in a Balenciaga coat, there’s a lot more where that came from.


This account might be NSFW, but it’s hilarious. Started just a couple months ago, Dick Worldwide brings scary good edits of luxury handbags, shoes, etc. edited to look like… well, you get the picture. The bio for the account says “we’re all dicks, and therefore we exist.” I’m not sure what that means, but I’m glad this account exists. It might weird you out a little bit, but you know you still want to follow it.

Do you have other creative Instagram accounts that you love to follow? Drop them in the comments below, because we can all use a little more original and amazing stuff on our feeds.

Images: siduations, hey_reilly, sarashakeel, sainthoax, gryffindior, tasteofstreep, freddiemade, dick_worldwide / Instagram

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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