7 Ways To Force Yourself To The Gym When You're Too Lazy To Move

Whether you just got home from work or you’re too hungover to open the door for your Seamless guy, making it to the gym isn’t always priority number one. In fact, most of the time, it’s pretty much last on the list, if it’s even making the list. There’s no better feeling than getting a sick workout, but getting there is obv the hardest part. It’s like how you know having friends would enrich your life, but following through on plans is almost impossible in all circumstances. Here are some ways to get off your ass and get to the gym when you’re just not feeling it:

1. Put On Workout Clothes

As soon as you wake up, put on your sports bra and your favorite Lulu leggings. By starting off the day in your workout clothes, you’re more likely to go than if you were to put on jeans and make yourself change later on. Betches tend to wear workout clothes everywhere we go anyway, so it shouldn’t be that hard. I mean, there’s always a chance we’ll make it to the gym anyway, so might as well wear our SoulCycle tanks to brunch and a movie just in case.

2. Book a Class

Classes are expensive AF and they usually don’t let you cancel, unless you literally put on an Oscar-winning performance over the phone while trying to explain the deathly illness you woke up with. Booking a class makes you accountable for actually going to work out, so pay for the credit and book front row. You might start regretting it on Sunday morning when you can’t even see straight and have a spin class in half hour, but you’ll be happy about it in the end. Probably.

3. Make Plans With a Friend

This is another trick to keep you accountable, but make sure you’re making plans with a friend who will actually encourage you to go to the gym- not the friend that will FaceTime you in bed with a bag of pretzels to say she’s bailing too. Find a friend that’s slightly psycho about the gym, and make concrete plans to work out together. Not only will the workout suck less, but you’ll also feel bad about being too lazy to show up because someone’s waiting for you.

4. Make a Playlist

There’s nothing worse than showing up to the gym just to start scrambling through random Spotify playlists and ending up in some Taylor Swift HIIT Pop category because you weren’t prepared. Make yourself a sick playlist beforehand that you’ll actually be excited to listen to. Plus, it might make you stick around the gym a few minutes longer if you have good songs to listen to. Just make sure you remember your headphones. I mean, no one should have to listen to heavy breathing and awkward panting while working out. 

5. Bribe Yourself

There’s nothing like a good bribe to get yourself to the gym in the morning. Whether you’re punishing yourself with the whole “no social media until after the gym” rule or you’re just planning a bomb post-workout meal, bribing yourself to work out really works. Like, it’s a bribe. If it worked in high school when our parents got us a car for doing well on our SAT’s, it can work now too.

6. Have a Plan

Showing up to the gym without a plan is a mistake for so many reasons, but having a plan will also just motivate you to go. If you know exactly what you’re going to do once you get there, you’ll be more likely to get your shit together and make it to the gym so you can get through the workout you planned for yourself. Think about it. If you show up without a plan, you’ll just end up wondering aimlessly from machine to machine, counting down until it’s been an acceptable amount of time before you leave. Show up with a legit plan, whether you write it in your phone or just have it in your head.

7. Tell Everyone

Everyone pretends they don’t pay attention to social media, but then again, we all took a work-from-home day to follow the Rob and Chyna fiasco, so people are obv paying attention. Posting about your plans to work out might be the key to actually working out. I mean, no one hates that annoying gym selfie girl more than us, but sometimes, you gotta take your shit to social media if it means going through with it. Like, if 105 people already viewed your Snapchat story, you’re in too deep to bail now. 

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