7 Easy Exercises To Sneak Into Your Day

When we’re talking about easy exercises to sneak into your day, I’m not going to tell you to “park farther away” or suggest “taking the stairs.” *Said in annoyingly upbeat fitness influencer voice.* Like, no, I ain’t parking my car a mile away from work just to get some “light cardio in.” That’s super inconvenient and is going to make my mood even worse when I head into work (if that’s even possible). I’m not trying to show up dripping sweat because I thought it’d be cute to park a mile away like some healthy try-hard. So, rather than that bullsh*t, I’ve compiled a list of practical and easy exercises you can do throughout the day. I’m all about practicality here, and these moves are convenient, simple, and work fantastically with your sad 9-5. 

Before You Hop In The Shower…

Do a few sets of push-ups or hold a 1-2 minute plank before getting in. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, do both. It’s a great way to start your morning. Unless you’re like, still hungover or something, then honestly nothing’s going to help. Just stay in bed.


While Brushing Your Teeth…

Do some squats! It alone won’t be enough to get you a Jen Selter butt, but if you do it consistently, will def help you tone and lift. Any little bit helps.

While You’re Waiting For The Subway…

Try some calf raises. Literally just go up on your tiptoes and then back down, as many times as you can until the train finally pulls up. Sure, people may look at you weird, but considering the fact that the homeless guy next to you is casually peeing on the stairs, you still won’t be the biggest freak show in the station.

Calf Raise

While Sitting In Traffic…

Do some arm curls! I keep a 3 lb weight in my car for when I’m sitting in standstill traffic. And, with my commute, I’m really starting to rack up some guns. Jk, but my arms are a lot more toned than they were before. Key word is “standstill”. Like, don’t do this while going 60 mph in a 40 zone or else you’ll have no chance at getting the cop to believe your fake tears.

While Sitting At Your Desk…

Okay, I got a few moves for you nine-to-fivers. When you’re sitting at your desk with headphones in listening to gangster rap and pretending to know wtf you’re doing on Excel, try flexing and un-flexing your abdominal muscles. Tighten your abs in towards your spine, hold, and release. You can also do this with your butt, squeezing your glutes while sitting at your desk. The last move is to try some shoulder shrugs. Raise your shoulders and hold for at least 5 seconds and try for 15 reps. Although, don’t do this too much or people will start to think you’re a chronically unsure weirdo. 

Shoulder Shrug

These moves won’t replace the effect of a 45 minute spin class, but they will make you feel a lot less guilty about your 100 calorie glass of wine at the end of the night. Besides, any additional toning you can sneak into your day is going to make your #summerbod that much better.

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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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