Super Cute Office Holiday Party Dresses That Won't Get You Called Into HR

Office holiday parties are literally one of the worst parts of adulthood. You’re expected to look like you’re having a decent time without getting too drunk and ruining your own life. Sure, it was funny on The Office when Meredith got fucking hammered and stripped down for Michael in his office. But like, that was TV and you’ll get fired for that (see: the current sexual harassment reckoning), if you don’t die from embarrassment first. Anyway, I can’t do anything about how you’re going to act, but if you want to at least dress appropriately but still look kinda hot, here’s what to buy from Shopbop.

1. L’Agence Valetta Keyhole Dress

This dress is almost exactly what I’d envision any romantic comedy lead to wear to her holiday office party. It’s cute and has a little keyhole, but it’s not like, too much. Plus it’s pretty versatile, so it doesn’t have to be the dress that sits in your wardrobe forever because you wore it to a boring office party.

2. Shoshana Oliver Velvet Dress

Velvet is super in this season, so you really can’t go wrong with a velvet LBD. This has cutouts and cool sleeves, but is totally appropriate. Now if you get drunk and say something rude, you only have yourself to blame.

3. WAYF Bennet Shift Mini Dress

Sure, this has a high neck and long sleeves, but the sheer overlay with velvet floral details will save you from looking like you’re wearing a literal potato sack.

4. FRAME Velvet Slip Dress

This slip dress is a modest length, but it has slits to spice it up. Plus, it’s got a v-neck that’s high enough for cleavage without running the risk of a nip slip.

5. Mackage Paloma Dress

Leather can be super risky, but this is an office party-appropriate silhouette. There are also knit panels on the side to make it less intense, because nobody wants to look like they’re into BDSM around their coworkers. Especially in this political climate. Speaking of climate, those panels will prob help you sweat less, too. You’re welcs. 

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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