5 Questions You Have About Botox, Answered

Getting botox seems as common as putting booking info in your Instagram bio these days. Pretty much every person I know has tried botox before and is hooked. I admit, I was one of my last friends to jump on the bandwagon, but after hearing them rave about how amazing and smooth their foreheads felt and looked, I figured, “what’s another couple hundred dollars towards my appearance?” I mean, my Keratin treatment costs $250 every 5 months and that pretty much sets the bar for how much I’m willing to pay for the sake of vanity beauty.

That being said, if you’re considering getting botox, you probably have some questions. We spoke with NYC based plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Lara Devgan, to answer some of the questions you’ve probably been wondering when it comes to botox.


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Is Botox Painful?

I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain—I literally still cry when I get Novocain at the dentist. But for some reason this didn’t bother me. Maybe it was because I was voluntarily coming in for this procedure, or maybe the thoughts of a smooth, wrinkle-free forehead blunted the pain, but for me getting botox actually didn’t hurt. According to Dr. Devgan, “it’s not bad; it feels like a little prick—no worse than plucking your eyebrows”.

What Can I Expect During And After The Treatment?

The last time I got botox was right after work, and seven hours later I was dancing at a concert for five hours, which may sound ridiculous, but in fact it’s totally fine. “Treatment takes about a minute and is well tolerated by most people,” says Dr. Devgan. “Immediately afterward there is mild redness and bumpiness that goes back to normal in 10 minutes. It takes four to seven days for results to fully kick in. There is no downtime, so you can go right back to work or school.”

How Long Do The Results Last?

Dr. Devgan advises that results can last 3-4 months depending on the individual and that will dictate how frequently you will get treated.


Are There Any Side Effects?

No wrinkles, duh!! But seriously, Dr. Devgan advises, “Bruising and swelling are the most typical things to watch out for, but they aren’t common. Still, I wouldn’t suggest doing injectables right before the social event of the year.”

What’s The Average Age Of People Looking To Get Botox?

Dr. Devgan explains, “It varies tremendously. I started when I was 27—it’s the best way to preserve your skin quality the way it is at the age you start. You can try botox once and never do it again if it’s not your thing— with no negative consequences. I suggest starting botox before you get etched lines when your face is in repose (at rest). Botox is a wrinkle relaxer, but not an iron, so it’s best used preventatively.”

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