Top 5 Must-See Acts At Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

You better start shopping at Free People or something because it’s festival season and this year Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival needs to be on your list. On March 2-5 in Okeechobee, Florida—wherever that is—and artists like Usher, Mike Posner, and Wiz Khalifa will play on this huge stage they’re calling The Grove. Kind of sounds like a rehab facility, but I’m here for it. Any betch who attended the festival’s first year last year (I’m not drunk, I swear) will tell you that it’s fucking perfect. The weather can’t be beat, the lineup has been amazing two years in a row, and the vibes are insanely positive. But back to the lineup. It’s massive, and you can check the full lineup out here, but we’ve done you the courtesty of highlighting a few acts you cannot miss.

1. Usher & The Roots

I mean, everyone has been jamming out to Usher for the last like 15 years and he’s won a bunch of Grammys, but now he’s paired up with The Roots aka Jimmy Fallon’s bros. You probs have also heard The Roots jamming out to Hamilton lately because people apparently listen to that musical outside of the Hamilton themed Soul Cycle class that you went to a year ago. I’m no expert and I’ve never heard these guys perform together, but with names like Usher and The Roots, it can’t not be amazing.

2. Bassnectar

Obviously Bassnectar is one not to miss—not like you’ll be able to miss his set since I’m sure the Bass Heads around you won’t STFU about it all weekend. Still, add it to your list.

3. Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

Let me tell you all, Anderson .Paak is fucking dope. He was nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy award, and only lost to Chance (who is just as amazing in his own right) because white people are like, 7 years behind in music. Anderson .Paak is going to be huge and he’s incredible live. Don’t fuck it up. This is probably going to be the type of set where you just might accidentally end up pregnant, but it will be worth it.

4. Flume


Flume actually won a Grammy for Best Electronic Album or whatever the award is officially called—IDK, it’s one of the less hyped awards but still a big fucking deal. It is a Grammy after all. His album Skin is a great listen from start to finish and it’s basically every other EDM artist’s favorite album of the year (we would know, we asked them).

5. D.R.A.M.


He’s the guy who sings “Broccoli,” but we suggest listening to his entire debut album before his set so you don’t look like the fucking idiot who only knows “Broccoli.” Judging by his album we’d say this will be an upbeat, high-energy set that will provide the perfect opportunity to smoke some broccoli. Say broccoli again.

So yeah, super exciting stuff. Buy your tickets to Okeechobee here, and start planning your trip down to Florida ASAP. This is one festival you won’t want to miss.