5 All-Black Looks That Prove Black Is A Summer Color

I always think that I’m excited for summer, until I go shopping the first time summer shit is on the shelves. There’s just something about seeing a bunch of Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses and Jack Rogers sandals at the mall that makes me want to totally skip rooftop bar season. Okay, that was a massive exaggeration. Nothing could ever get me to skip rooftop bar season. Anyway, Nasty Gal thankfully has the backs of everyone who hates wearing color covered. Here are five all black looks you can get from Nasty Gal to successfully wear without looking like Janis Ian all summer long. Oh, and it’s all 40% off because they’re having a massive sale. You’re welcome.

1. I Can Sea Clearly Now Sheer Pants 

Not to be dramatic, but I literally die every single day in the summer because I refuse to wear any color other than black and it always makes me so hot. Like, I literally die. Yes, I’m using the word “literally” correctly here. Anyway, these sheer pants will help save you from dying on a daily basis because they’re so lightweight. Probably.

2. How Deep Is Your Love Plunging Swimsuit

A black one piece is super essential for summer because they’re so flattering and go with everything. Except, like, don’t get a plain boring one because you’re better than that. Here’s a super amazing one that will allow you to stand apart from all the Kylie wannabes on Instagram.

3. Let’s Hang Together Crop Top and Skirt Set 

The best thing about a black co-ord set is that you already know both pieces are going to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Like, when you only wear black, you don’t have to worry about whether anyone will notice that you already wore one half of your pink floral co-ord set to brunch and the other half to a pool party. It’s, like, way more sustainable for your Instagram aesthetic.

4. Strapped In Buckle Sample

If you scrolled past all of the Coachella photos in your newsfeed because of your raging FOMO, you might not have noticed that buckles are, like, sooo in this season. These sandals will make all your basic black clothes look v trendy.

5. Split Ways Wrap Dress

A black wrap dress can be worn to every single social event you’ll have all summer. Boozy brunch? Black wrap dress. Wedding? Black wrap dress. Attending a party that your ex and their new bae will be at? Black wrap dress!
Images: Nasty Gal (5), Unsplash (1)
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Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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