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weekend horoscopes november 15

You Do You: Weekend Horoscopes Nov. 15-17

By Sarah Nowicki | November 15, 2019

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It’s the last weekend in Scorpio, which means the archer, Sagittarius, is ready to get this winter show on the road. It’s practically Thanksgiving already, which means it’s time to go Christmas shopping and make our New Year’s resolutions. Then we have to reserve a table for dinner on Valentine’s Day. So much to f*cking do, so little time or energy or motivation to do any of it.

But that’s looking a little too far ahead—let’s take things one day at a time. The moon in Cancer this weekend has everyone craving a little “me” time, which makes sense, considering we’re all about to experience a game of 20 questions during family dinner on Thanksgiving. Read on for what is in store for your sign this weekend.


Try some new things this weekend, Scorpio. We’d suggest drinking outdoors on Saturday, since some time in nature could help reset you for the week ahead. Your creativity is also off the charts on Sunday, so it could be time to try a new recipe and have a higher success rate this time… maybe.


It’s all about sex and money for you this weekend, Sagittarius. Usually, if those two are related, things can get sketchy. This weekend, it just means it’s a good time to examine your finances, including those bonds your grandma gave you when you were born that have been stuffed in a drawer for the better part of 15 years. It also means your sexual/romantic connections are at an all-time high on Friday and Saturday, so that random hookup could actually mean more.


Focus on yourself this weekend, Capricorn. You’re going to feel like you’re being pulled in 85 different directions if you listen to friends and family, so better to just be a little selfish Friday through Sunday and maybe put that phone on Do Not Disturb.


Pay attention to your health, Aquarius. This week, you let stress at work affect your mental well-being, but it’s also starting to have an adverse affect on your bod. That’s probably not what you ultimately want, so take the weekend to really focus on re-centering your sh*t and not letting all that negativity ruin your skin or whatever.


You’re feeling extra sensitive this weekend, Pisces, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Listen to your gut on Friday and indulge in your creative side on Saturday. Early holiday shopping is the perfect outlet for all the feelings you’re feeling, so get a head start on all that.


The moon in Cancer this weekend is bringing all your inner conflicts to the surface, Aries. As soon as you leave work on Friday, give yourself some personal space, and don’t feel bad about cancelling plans. Saturday, try to focus on one task, be it lunch with a close friend or cleaning your apartment. Multi-tasking could literally send you into a full-on panic, so avoid that sh*t at all costs.


Uranus is upping your emotional strength, Taurus, which means you have more energy to be a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand for friends and family this weekend. On Saturday, the moon is pushing you to learn something new, so it could actually be a great time to finally head to that kick-boxing class you’ve been too afraid to go to.


It’s budget time, Gemini. With the holidays approaching and the moon in and around Cancer, you need to trust your intuition on what to spend and when. Maybe that includes a new app that yells at you when you eat out too much. Maybe you just need to build an Excel spreadsheet. Whatever you do, try not to splurge and treat yo’self too much on Saturday. Sorry, but you’ll be sure to experience buyer’s remorse if you don’t listen.


Time for a weekend of self-love, Cancer. You’ve been super focused on making sure everyone else is okay this week. Don’t continue that mindset into the weekend, or else by Sunday morning you’re going to feel mad, burned out, and at risk of eating a whole pizza alone because feelings. Just keep asking yourself what YOU want and what would make YOU happy.


The moon in Cancer is going to result in some really f*cking weird dreams this weekend, Leo. Usually, we’d say to ignore those, since that time you dreamt about being locked in an elevator with a young George Clooney probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. But this weekend is different, so you may want to keep a dream journal next to your bed, jot down all the weird sh*t your subconscious is dredging up, then Google it all on Sunday. Maybe the planets are totally trying to tell you something. Or, maybe you had a weird sleep reaction to the party punch you drank at that party Friday. Maybe you need to lay off the melatonin for a bit. It’s a mystery.


Time to focus on your friends, Virgo. Make plans this weekend to do all kinds of buddy activities, whether it be blacking out at brunch or spending all your money at the mall like you did when you were 13. It’s important on Saturday to show your tribe how much they mean to you, so don’t squander the time by sitting around and trying to make plans in a group text.


What makes you happy, Libra? You’re always trying to balance the needs of everyone around you. This weekend, focus on yourself and read a good book, chug a nice bottle of wine, or paint a picture. It’s time to kind of ignore (well, not completely ignore) the problems of your friends and family and put aside some much needed you time.

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