You Do You This Aquarius Season: Weekly Horoscopes Jan. 18-22

Is it any surprise that we’re entering Aquarius season just as we’re inaugurating a new President? And people try to say astrology isn’t real. This progressive, innovative season is the perfect time for you to take on big ideas, challenge your thinking, and get involved in something you care about. Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s kind of a lot going on right now. Pick something and dig in!


Your genius is on display this week as Aquarius season takes hold, and nothing is too crazy for you to throw it out in a brainstorm. Did Steve Jobs invent the iPod by holding back? This is the week to trust your instincts, and follow your brilliant brain wherever it leads. Even if it’s just to a Wikipedia page on serial killers (again).


The only place to go is up, Taurus! The move into Aquarius has you fully awaking from your holiday-food-induced slumber and you are ready to take on the new year! Use the momentum Aquarius season brings to push through the daily slog of work so you can actually get to the fun parts. Like giving your two weeks’ notice to start your dream job.


You’re an air sign…Aquarius is an air sign…can I make it any more obvious? Now is a time of expansion for you, Gemini. Lean into your airy qualities. Where the wind goes, you follow. Now your free-spirited nature is at its absolute peak, so go out there and have a little fun. Geminis already have a rep for being crazy. Might as well earn it.


Aquarius season has you pulled in two different directions, especially when it comes to relationships. Lucky you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself exploring the answers to age-old questions like, “Do I want to be single forever, or married tomorrow?” or, “Should I sleep with my downstairs neighbor because quarantine?” and of course, “Do I like him, or is he just tall?”


Aquarius season will be felt particularly hard for you this year, Leo, so get ready. Now is the perfect time to really shore up who is part of your inner crew, and who needs to be moved off of Close Friends. You’re going to be making major strides toward your future self, and there’s no room for stragglers or hangers-on. (And yes this does include literally all of your exes.)


Aquarius has you extra motivated on your own health and wellness routines, and may be even opening your mind to more new age remedies. Not saying you should opt for local honey over the COVID vaccine, but there’s no harm in lighting some incense, grabbing a crystal, and seeing how that makes you feel.


Cupid is visiting your sign a little bit early thanks to matchmaker Aquarius, so get ready for a major love life upgrade. The bad news? Any negative feelings you’ve had about your current romantic situation will become impossible to ignore. The good news? All the time you spent texting that person you were only so-so on can now be focused on finding The One. Or at least, someone with a better sexting vibe.


Aquarius season has you embracing hygge energy, so don’t be surprised if you feel the sudden urge to look up crock pot recipes and beginner knitting videos on Pinterest. Embrace your inner 1950s housewife by tackling some home projects, cooking projects, or anything else that would make your home ec teacher proud. Just make sure whoever you live with knows this sh*t is only temporary.


Aquarius season has your intuition on high alert, so don’t ignore any gut feelings or bad vibes that cross your path. Airy Aquarius is allowing you to open your mind, step back, and see the big picture. And guess what? Some things look different when you’re not up close. Like that haircut you gave your roommate in quarantine. Yikes.


Classic Capricorn. This Aquarius season, your mind is on your money and your money’s on your mind, meaning it’s time to pull back on some of that birthday month spending. That laser facial will have to wait until next year, I’m afraid. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to set some financial goals for 2021, and take a good hard look at your budget for the past few months. Who knew one person could spend that much on La Croix?


Welcome to your season, darling! The post-holiday haze as officially lifted and you are ready to embrace all things you! For your birthday month this year, the universe got you the extra gift of Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all also teaming up in your sign. This means now is a major opportunity to reinvent yourself and rebrand as whoever you want to be. Just don’t actually tell people you’re “rebranding.” It’s a bad look.


With the Sun’s spotlight on your neighbor Aquarius, now is the time to go deep. What are you hanging onto that cannot remain for one second longer in 2021? It’s never too late to drop something that’s not serving you, and Aquarius is bringing you the clarity of mind to finally see what’s necessary, and what has to go. Now go apply this influence to your closet…

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Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.