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An Investigation Of Taylor's Post-'Tortured Poets Department' Eras Tour Setlist

During Taylor Swift’s two-month break from the Eras Tour, she released 31 new songs instead of going on vacation like a normal celebrity. Slight problem here: Blondie’s setlist is already three hours and 15 minutes sans The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, a two-hour album. And surely, Swifties who spent their life savings on tickets don’t want any songs to be cut from the show. But they also probably wanna hear some new tunes live! Is it humanly possible for Taylor’s setlist to be any longer? I’m not positive, but it seems like that’s what has to happen. Her musical director did kind of hint at additions already.

Mind you, I think the record-breaking pop queen will select just a few standouts from the double album to play live. She’s slated to go back on tour in May, starting with a Paris show. Although we don’t have confirmation of an updated setlist yet, I, an educated Swifties, have my own theories. Here are my thoughts on which TTPD songs Taylor will add to her Eras Tour set.

Taylor’s Musical Director Hinted At TTPD Live Performances


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Taylor’s musical director, David Cook, spilled some tea on Friday when he posted about TTPD on Instagram. “Not sure how much I can add to the discourse other than this album is really REALLY good,” he wrote, adding, “You FEEL it.”

According to fans’ screenshots, David also originally wrote: “Wait until you hear the live versions.” He has since deleted that crucial part. Sneaky, sneaky… but I think we all could’ve guessed Taylor wasn’t just gonna ignore her brand new album.

Which TTPD Songs Will Taylor Play At The Eras Tour?

I feel like we can count on “Fortnight” being added to the set, considering it’s the lead single. Taylor loves bringing out guests, so I’m sure we can expect Post Malone to sing it with her one night — or multiple. I also suspect Taylor might include the title track, “The Tortured Poets Department” in her new set. She did name the album after that song, so clearly it captures the most important themes.

“Down Bad,” “So Long London,” and “But Daddy I Love Him” are some of the most popular and talked-about tracks, so there’s also a solid chance that she sings those. And of course, “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” is literally about her crushing the Eras Tour while being heartbroken, so it’d make sense to play that song. Taylor will likely perform the rest of the double album as surprise songs during the acoustic set.

The Show Might Change Slightly When Travis Attends

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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Something tells me that when Travis appears in the VIP tents, Taylor’s gonna dedicate her new Tayvis anthems, “The Alchemy,” and “So High School,” to him. And he will realistically be smiling and kicking his feet à la Barry Keoghan at the Sabrina Carpenter Coachella set. I hope everyone’s ready to scream: “Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto.”

Ilana Frost
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