Why Max Lugavere Doesn't Believe In The '5 Meals A Day' Diet Strategy

Living a healthy lifestyle during the holidays should honestly count as an Olympic sport. For many people, Thanksgiving is the beginning of the end, diet-wise. You feel like there’s basically no hope after you’ve eaten an entire bird, your body weight in stuffing, and pumpkin pie is seeping out of your pores. That’s why we had nutrition expert Max Lugavere on our Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast to give us some tips on getting through the holidays without wreaking havoc on your body. Here are some of our highlights from our chat with Lugavere, but to get all his advice, listen to our podcast linked below.

  • How our food has become less nutritious overtime
  • You’re more likely to be hangry and overeat when you chose to eat processed foods
  • The optimal amount of protein to consume is probably double the recommended amount
  • You can burn calories by eating protein
  • Why rats in New York City are becoming type two diabetic
  • Why Lugavere does not believe in the “five small meals a day” method
  • Lugavere lives by the motto that “Your next meal is another opportunity to turn it all around.” So yeah, diet really does start tomorrow if you want it to
  • How to stretch your stomach to fit more food on Thanksgiving
  • Remind yourself as Lugavere does, it’s about progress, not perfection

Hear the full Diet Starts Tomorrow episode above. To connect with Max Lugavere, check out his Instagram, podcast, and best selling book.

Images: Yakynina Anastasia / Unsplash