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Who Does Francesca End Up With In 'Bridgerton'?? An Urgent Investigation

It’s my favorite holiday: a new Bridgerton season. Do not talk to me about reality for the next several business days ’cause I’m in my fictional London Regency era right now, and I’m busy swooning over Colin Bridgerton and all the other hotties. Season 3 explores the epic Colin and Penelope slow burn, of course, but there’s another crucial romantic storyline: Francesca Bridgerton’s journey to finding love. My reserved, pianoforte-obsessed queen is making her society debut this season, and she’s not into it at all. Well, until a certain gentleman comes along and catches her fancy.

After binging the first part of this season, I’m fully invested in Francesca’s love story. Who does she end up marrying, you ask? We’re all dying to know how this plays out. Luckily for you, I’m somewhat familiar with the Bridgerton books and have answers. Here’s some info to keep you fed until the second part of the season drops on Netflix!

Warning: Spoilers ahead because I read!!

Who Does Francesca Marry In The Bridgerton Books?

Hannah Dodd in 'Bridgerton'
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Francesca falls for none other than the 8th Earl of Kilmartin, John Stirling. As soon as they meet, the chemistry is wild, and it’s not long before they head to the altar. But two years into their marriage, John dies very suddenly, leaving Francesca alone again.

And then things gets real weird. John has a cousin named Michael Stirling who just so happens to be obsessed with Francesca. While John is still alive, Francesca’s happily in love with him and doesn’t have romantic feelings for Michael. However, when John’s ~out of the picture~, who does she turn to for emotional support? Michael. And who does she then catching feelings for? Yup, her deceased husband’s cousin. Michael becomes her second husband and they have two children together and name one after John. How… sweet?

Does Francesca Marry John Stirling In The Show?

Francesca does not have high hopes for finding a great match at first — but then she meets John, who rocks her world. He’s introduced as a new character in the first part of season 3 and is portrayed by Victor Alli. John just understands her and appreciates her chill vibes, so they’re able to enjoy quiet moments together. I also only want to date a man if he doesn’t speak to me.

Although we’ve only seen sparks beginning to fly between these two, I’m sure the second part of this season will further explore their relationship! And I honestly can’t wait for when Michael is introduced in the show. That will be a gorgeously messy game changer.

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