What To Wear In This Confusing AF Weather So You Don't Feel Like An Idiot

Alright ladies, let’s talk about transitioning! And I don’t mean like, moving from one phase of life to the next—like how I somehow missed the memo that we’re all dating and getting engaged now instead of getting blackout Thursday through Sunday. It’s fine, I’m fine. When I’m talking about transitioning, I’m talking about how to dress as we move from winter to spring. It’s that wack-ass time of the year where it can be snowing one day and the summer solstice the next. Sh*t’s tough, talk about first world problems. But, who am I if not your expert consultant on all your first world problems when it comes to fashion? So, let’s dive into the best practices (am I like, Tony Robbins???) for transitional dressing as we move into the spring season.

Dressing For Work…

Oasis blazer with tie detail

Oasis blazer with tie detail in red

Oasis Glitter Spot Blouse

When it comes to transitional dressing, the key is to layer. I’m telling you this now and you’ll hear me say it again: layer, layer, layer. I know I sound like your Grandma telling you how to dress for the movies, but listen up, cause meemaw was onto something! First off, let’s discuss footwear. The weather is about to be NASTY, like lots of rain and random snow, all conveniently when you least expect it. That being said, you don’t want to wear your best Tory Burch flats on your commute to work, then have soaked gross feet all day. Like, as if your 9-to-5 wasn’t already miserable enough. So, if you have an office or at least your own desk, keep a pair of work-appropriate shoes at work. This way, you can wear your weatherproof shoes to and from work, and then just change once there.

Next, even though it’s going to start getting warmer outside, the likelihood that the office temperature will follow suit is slim to none. You know your good friend Karen from accounting who’s been going through menopause since you first started is going to keep the temperature in the office sub-zero. That being said, wear an office-appropriate top under a cardigan or a knit blazer. This way, you can remove your jacket so you’re not dying on the subway, but also have it with you once you get to the office.

For The Weekend…

Fishing Net Crew Neck Sweater

Rails Milo Plaid Shirt

When it comes to the weekend, your go-to hero piece is going to be a loose knit sweater. A breathable open knit sweater offers you an additional layer that’s also not suffocating. Depending on the weather, you can wear a cute fitted turtleneck or basic tank under your loose knit sweater. This way, need be, you have that extra layer available. But, considering you shouldn’t actually be freezing, it will provide just the right amount of added comfort and warmth.

Another tip is to wear a cute flannel over a tank or a graphic tee. I know flannels tend to be more “fall” but if you pick a light-colored one then it easily works as a stylish option for spring. Adding a flannel is the perfect solution so you don’t have to worry about carrying around an extra layer with you because it can be conveniently tied around your waist and still look cute af. In fact, your outfit might even become even more cute with it around your waist. Win-win.

For Going Out…

Sweet Memories Turtleneck

Straight Halter Crop

Dressing transitionally for going out is probably the trickiest occasion to dress for because there’s really no way to predict how long the bar lines will be or what the temperature will be like once inside. That being said, you’re always going to want to have a jacket as part of your going out outfit. But, the thing is, you don’t want to depend on the jacket to make your outfit. Hopefully, the bar you’re going to is classy enough to have a coat check, so you can be hands-free to drop it low on the dance floor. A great outfit idea during this time of unpredictable weather is to wear a cute crop top with a sheer long sleeve top layered over it. This way, you’ll have an extra layer over your otherwise bare crop top, but once you’re all hot and bothered by your own killer moves on the dance floor, it’s thin enough to just take off and slip into your handbag.

There you have it, layering 101. No one wants to be freezing cold, but more importantly, no one wants to be sweating like a pig. So don’t put yourself in a bad situation by wearing a chunky turtleneck during this transitional time period. Rather, take a cue from the one and only Jax Taylor and opt for a chunky cardigan over a tank or tee instead.

Images: Tyler Nix / Unsplash; Asos (2); Free People (3); Nordstrom
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