Wedding Registry Ideas You Totally Skipped Over But Are Absolutely Essential

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Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is, yet somehow people expect you to do an entire inventory of your life in order to make of list of shit you don’t actually need? Forget it. If I’m being honest, I nearly had a mental breakdown when making my wedding registry because as someone who A) lived in a 500 square foot apartment and, B) is a fully grown adult with like, a furnished home, I couldn’t imagine coming up with a list of things to ask my friends and family for.

But, naturally, I had my mom whispering in my ear, “If you don’t make a registry then people are going to get you what they think you’ll like.” And TBH, the idea of that is legit terrifying. So, I did what any sane person does — went down a TikTok rabbit hole trying to find “registry necessities” and honestly, so many of them were just not me. I’m sorry Aunt Cindy, but I *really* don’t need a new hamper. That said, I did find a few gems that I don’t feel like gatekeeping anymore. You’re welcome.

Return Address Stamp & Stationary

I don’t think I dreaded anything more than the idea of hand-writing thank you notes. Sure, it shows your appreciation for everyone who joined, but like, it takes hours to hand-write upwards of 100 cards. Having some chic AF stationary and a self-inking return address stamp helps ease the load (and keeps your hand from cramping).

Custom Premium Self-Inking or Rubber Return Address Stamp

Lined Laurels Personalized Stationery

A Boring But Necessary Rice Cooker

Okay, I know a few of you are sleeping on this but when I say this is the most used item on my registry, I’m literally not joking. For the nights you don’t want to cook (and who TF wants to cook after planning a wedding for a year), it’s so easy to throw rice and water in there to start the base of a meal. Throw some salmon on there and call yourself Emily Mariko.

Instant 20-Cup Rice Cooker

A Spa-esque Towel Warmer

There are few moments in life where you’re allowed to ask for the bougie AF things in life without seeming frivolous — your bridal shower is one of them. This towel warmer legit transforms your bathroom into a luxury spa in 6o seconds (no really, that’s how fast it heats up). It’s perfect for those disgusting winter days that def feel less than romantic.

Keenray Towel Warmer Bucket

Perfume For Your Wedding Day

I read somewhere (probably TikTok) that scent can bring you back to a memory, and considering the smell of cinnamon brings me back to freshman year and fireball, I’m included to believe it. It’s an extra-special gift someone can get you, so you don’t have to shell out $100+ for a new bottle for your big day. Plus, you can pick the scent instead of having someone guess (and they always guess wrong)

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette

A Fancy AF Pizza Oven

So, this might be a littttttle pricey for a registry gift, but if you’re using a site like Zola, they actually allow “group gifting” where more than one person can contribute to a gift. Plus, think about the endless pizza and wine date nights you can have as newlyweds, and that’s priceless IMO.

Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven

A Nice Vacuum

In case no one else wants to admit it, here it is: no one wants to spend money on a Dyson. They just don’t. Well, unless it’s an Airwrap because that’s a different story. But, in all reality, it’s probably about time you traded in the shitty vacuum you’ve had since your first apartment for something that will *actually* clean the house.

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Sharp Knives Because You’re An Adult

Hate to say it, but it’s time to replace the knives you bought from Ikea. They were amazing while they lasted, and while you might feel like a child bride, you’re actually a fully grown adult and need something that’ll actually slice through a tomato. You’ll thank me when you host your first dinner party (which weirdly starts happening once you’re married).

Zwilling Four Star Knife Block, Set of 8

Emotional Support Luggage

Last but certainly not least, throw some nice luggage on your list. Why? Because you have a honeymoon to pack for. And believe me, you WILL overpack. Probably 3x the amount of underwear you need, and every piece of white clothing you’ve ever owned. You’ll be happy to have a set with working wheels, I promise.

Calpak Astyll 2-Piece Luggage Set

A Year Supply Of Netflix

If your parents haven’t already kicked you off their account, they’re probably about to. Thankfully, you can sneak another year of responsibility (or lack there of) by asking for someone else to pay for it.

Netflix Gift Cards

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