What Guys Want Women To Know About Body Image

Secret’s out—men aren’t always as confident as they seem to be on their dating app profiles. The self-proclaimed one-man version of Betches, Jared Freid, spilled the tea on our Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast this week. He chatted with us about what it’s like to have body issues as a man and how he deals with being self-conscious, hating workouts, and eating healthy. Even though he f*cking hates being healthy, he shares with us his experience of learning how to find a balance. Here are some of our highlights from the episode:

  • Sometimes Jared just watches skinny people eat to see like, WTF they’re doing that he isn’t
  • Growing up, Jared’s family ate dinner in six minutes, which is like, not so healthy apparently
  • “I think every guy cares about his body image, but they’re less outward about it,” Jared explains, “I have looked at a picture and thought, ‘okay life is over now’.”
  • We have to accept our bad days in order to be better at creating healthy days
  • Jared became a sensation at his summer camp because he made a bet not to drink for an entire summer and everyone placed their bets on him losing
  • Nighttime eating and drinking is the hardest: “the minute I have the first time bite, I’m in for the next hour and a half,” says Jared.
  • Every body is an Instagram body, just put it on Instagram and it’s a body on Instagram
  • It’s attractive to be a person who gives a sh*t and is motivated
  • Guys are too cocky and women aren’t cocky enough on dating apps
  • Nobody is 5-10 pounds away from f*cking you

Check out the full Diet Starts Tomorrow episode above to hear Jared’s full segment. Also, catch Jared on our U Up? podcast and his own show, The J Train Podcast.

Images: rawpixel/Unsplash