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What Are The Chances Taylor Actually Makes It To The Super Bowl?

This is it. It’s the final scene in a rom-com where the high school quarterback faces the biggest game of his life. He needs to win to get that scholarship. His blonde girlfriend is waiting in the stands, holding her breath. Oh, and it’s definitely raining. It’s official: Travis Kelce has made it to the big game, yet again, but will Taylor Swift be at this year’s Super Bowl?


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Let’s do some math right now. This year’s Super Bowl is in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11. Taylor is performing in Tokyo, Japan, on Saturday, February 10. Here’s what Tay must do to fly across the world in one night like Santa Claus to get there. Luckily, Taylor’s flying east, so she’s essentially time-traveling. She has to leave Tokyo by 6 pm Japan Standard Time on Sunday, and she’ll land in Las Vegas by 3:30 pm PST and make it there before kickoff — and it’s not like she’s flying Spirit Airlines — her private jet guarantees a direct flight. Easy!

If this weekend is any indication, Miss Tay will obviously be there. After the Chiefs won against the Baltimore Ravens and secured their spot in this year’s Super Bowl, Taylor ran onto the field and kissed Travis, a la Hilary Duff in Another Cinderella Story. Obviously, the fans went wild, and the tweets are everything.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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