All The Party Supplies You Need To Have An Amazing Weekend

Did you know that Shop Betches has literally everything you need to narrate your weekend drinking and partying activities? Load up on our ish and you will never have to verbally communicate your drunken, hungover, or “over this fucking party” feelings again. Which you and I both know will be helpful when you’re halfway to blackout and words are really hard. 

Don’t believe me? Well, let me walk you through a typical weekend by way of our kick ass merchandise. 

Stage 1: Friday Night, Just Got Home

Post 40-hour(ish) work week and you’ve only got half an hour to shower, pick an outfit and pretend you’ve got your shit together:

Stage 2: Friday Night, Pregame

When you start off responsible cautious and insist that you want to be in bed by 11,  but your hinge match messages and says he wants to meet up later:

Stage 3: Friday Night, Pregame Continued

A few drinks in, you’ve abandoned all hope of an early bedtime and you’re stressin’ that your outfit could probably be cuter:

Stage 4: Friday Night, On Your Way To The Bar

Just one more shot because bars make you pay for drinks. Maybe tonight’s not the best night for a first date…

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Stage 5: Saturday Morning

Seriously regretting every decision you remember making made last night and wishing you hadn’t signed up for SoulCycle. At least your water bottle will explain the intense smell of tequila wafting from your sweat glands:

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Stage 6: Saturday Night, A Party You Committed To Weeks Ago

Walk in, smell alcohol, and immediately start planning your smooth af Irish goodbye:

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