Stay Away From Big Decisions: Weekend Horoscopes for June 29-July 1

Thursday’s full Moon in Capricorn will have lasting effects into the weekend. Let’s just say, it’s not the best time for you to be making any major life-changing decisions. Like, if your boyfriend proposes, tell him you have to get back to him at a time when you can think more clearly. Sure, it might be embarassing for him to say his proposal was ruined because you’re really into horoscopes, but if he really wants to marry you he should be OK with that. Here are your weekend horoscopes for June 29-July 1.


Prepare for a dramatic weekend. Mercury combined with theatrical Leo in your house of expression will have you hair flipping, getting vocal, and probably snapping in a z formation. Warn your boyfriend, bosses, and besties not to press your buttons, because you will make a scene.


It will feel good to get something off your chest this weekend. Open up, but make sure you pick the right person to vent to. Find a confidant who’s trustworthy and has nothing to gain from the information you’re about to divulge. There’s nothing worse than your secret getting out and having to drop a friend because they’re untrustworthy af.


Whatever you do, don’t hang out with your Taurus friend. They’ll be in the mood to reveal their darkest secrets, and you’re in the mood to spill the tea on everything and everyone in your life. What liquor is your truth serum? It’s best to avoid that too. If someone starts a convo with “Can you keep a secret?” Fucking run, betch. You cannot.


With the Moon opposite your sign, social situations might be a little bit of a struggle. You’ll have events and parties and shit to attend, but it might be difficult to find a groove for conversation. Don’t let a few awkward moments ruin your whole vibe. Offer to make drinks and then give everyone a really strong pour. If everyone blacks out, no one will remember how fucking awkward the party was.


The Moon in Capricorn motivates you to focus on activity and health this weekend. You’ll be happier if you fill your agenda with stuff that gets you moving, out and about. Tell your friends you’re sorry, but your ass needs a break from greasy food, beer, and watching soccer. Drink some green shit and walk around the woods instead.


Mercury is hidden in your chart, meaning you’re just not in a chatty mood this weekend. Wearing big sunglasses, hats, and having everyone leaving you the fuck alone is the best course of action. If someone dares to get on your case about not listening, just tell them you have a lot on your mind but you don’t want to talk about it. That way they feel bad and you can go back to ignoring them.


The elephant in the room will be addressed this weekend, whether you’re ready or not. It might be in the form of a DTR chat or a friend might confront you about why you’ve been weird toward them lately. Just picture the most awkward conversation you could have at this point in your life and prepare for that. Yikes.


Mercury in Leo in your house of status has you doing some social climbing this weekend. You might have an opportunity to network and make a great impression on a current or potential client. You might make a friend who has a lot of hookups. Play it cool so you don’t come off like a loser. Or a try-hard.


The Moon merging with Saturn in your house of income has you being thoughtful about where and how you spend money. Like, you don’t have to act broke af this weekend. Just spend your money on activities instead of things. In fact, Leo in your house of exploration will bless the cash you spend on travel, vacations, and adventure.


The Moon in your sign can make you easily excitable. News or info you weren’t expecting can really throw you for a loop. Take deep breaths, drink cocktails with rum in them without worrying about calories, and rely on your friends for advice and fun. This too shall pass, and it’s probably not as bad as you think.


Fiery Mars in your sign continues to give you a shitton of energy. Nevertheless, the Moon hiding in your chart can make things a little confusing and fuzzy. So, no, it’s not just all the weed you smoked. It’s like, you have a lot of passion and drive so you’re just missing focus and direction. It can feel like you’re running in circles. Try to relax until the planets change course and you can move forward in a clear direction.


Changes to a plan you had this weekend will really piss you off. Normally, as a Pisces, you’re mellow enough to go with the flow. This situation grinds your gears more than usual, thanks to the Moon in Cancer turning up your emotional responses. Since you never, like, throw a fit about stuff like this, it’s probably okay to get your panties in a wad. Just this time though.

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