A Lot Of Feelings: Weekend Horoscopes February 5-7

Welcome to February, where snow, ice, and cold reign supreme, and my sweatpants have an actual job to do in keeping me warm and not just serving as my only comfy article of clothing during covid times. We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day, for those that still believe time isn’t just a social construct, so, there’s that. It’s not like you should be eating out at restaurants, but whatever.

The stars are serving up everything from craving connection to wanting independence this weekend, so good luck navigating all the emotions. Should be fun!


You’re craving connection this weekend, Aquarius. Since a girls’ trip to a spa/Italy/wine country isn’t exactly in the cards ATM, plan for a group FaceTime during the big game on Sunday so you can all watch the commercials together. Or, plan for an outdoor brewery adventure with just one or two close pals so you can like, see other human beings in real life.


What are your goals, Pisces? It’s good practice to sit back and think about what you want longterm from relationships, your career, your nest, etc. this weekend. Since these are covid times, it may be best to write down your goals so you can laugh at them later. Like, maybe one of your goals for 2020 was to “get out more” or “travel the world”. That’s f*cking hilarious now, right? Goals for 2021 could be as easy as “leave the couch for one hour each day” and “step outdoors.”


If you have chores, work, and other un-fun sh*t to get to this weekend, try to get it all out of the way on Friday night, Aries. The stars are aligning to help you get super accomplished in whatever you attack, so be productive and leave your weekend for play. Once Saturday hits, you’ll be dying to get outdoors, so try to schedule a run, hike, or snowman-building with your friends’ kids. There can be boozy hot chocolate afterwards.


You’ll be itching for independence and codependence this weekend, Taurus, which is confusing af. Basically, the moon on Saturday wants you to focus on your partner, but you’ll be ready to fight anyone who “threatens” your ability to do your own thing. You may need to walk a tightrope to appease both sides of yourself. If nothing else, plan the weekend you want, and tell your S.O. to tag along.


Partnership, communication, and tough sh*t are on the docket this weekend, Gemini. You’ve been pushing down some deeply held feelings regarding a relationship for awhile now, and this weekend presents a good opportunity to share those concerns. Yah, you may have a fight or even lose said relationship. But better now than Valentine’s Day weekend, right?


Hooray for creativity, Cancer! Get your hands dirty in the pursuit of art this weekend. Try out watercolors, paint a wall, change out the knobs on all your cabinets, draw a picture of a butterfly—whatever. You’ll feel the urge on Saturday to get healthier and change up your routine, too, so attack that feeling on Sunday with a morning jog, less creamer in your coffee, and investing in a FitBit or Apple Watch so you can see just how inactive you are.


Relationships are front and center this weekend, Leo. If you’ve been dying to have a mushy, lovey weekend with your S.O., plan for it this weekend and not Valentine’s Day when everyone else will be doing nice sh*t, too. It’s also a prime time to have those tough conversations with your partner if you haven’t stirred the pot recently. Even if you have to make some hard decisions, it’ll turn out for the best down the road.


Concentrate on your nest and the people in it this weekend, Virgo. Use Friday after work to tidy up at home, then spend the rest of your free time with the people you can tolerate. Cuddle up with your S.O. over a wholesome serial killer documentary. Go for a walk with your mom on Saturday so you can hear her complain in person about the governor.


You’ve got a lot of energy this weekend, Libra, so don’t squander it scrolling through your phone and being bored. Tackle the project of re-potting all your plants this weekend, then buy some interesting plant stands and set them up around your apartment. You’ll also want to make a point of driving around this weekend, so pick a scenic spot and take a ride. Basically, the moon and stars are pushing creativity and little adventures, so try to combine those things without going overboard.


You’ve got a lot of feelings this weekend, Scorpio, so try to ride it out without losing your patience. Friday will be an exercise in self-reflection and finances, so examine your budget or lack thereof and adjust accordingly. Saturday your focus will switch to home and fam, so call up your besties and have a Zoom mimosa and bitch sesh. Sunday you’ll be dying to leave the house, and the good news is walking around outside is free, so get at it.


Skip work Friday if you can, Sagittarius, and give yourself a much-needed break with a three-day weekend. Whether you choose to spend it worrying about what you’re missing at work or taking a short weekend trip is up to you. The moon wants you to explore sh*t, so try to at least leave the house. If you need to settle for eating Taco Bell on a park bench, that’ll work, though.


Be a shoulder to lean on this weekend, Capricorn. You may have a friend or three that’s been having a tough go of it lately. Reach out with a phone call, offer to go for a drive, or make plans for lunch, wine, and lots of listening and nodding. Don’t be surprised if your S.O. is the one that needs a little extra attention, too.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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