Don't Make It Weird Right Before Valentine's Day: Here Is Your Weekend Horoscope For February 9-11

It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day, so if you don’t already have a significant other locked down, you’re kind of SOL. It’s too late to rope someone into asking you out. If you don’t care, great. If you do, well, just try not to be weird about it by complaining about how you’ll die alone all weekend. Maybe your weekend horoscope will comfort you in this lonely time; maybe not. Only way to find out is to read.


The Sun in your house of friendships will make you go with whatever the group wants to do. You’ll be more focused on hanging out with your friends than with your boy. But if you act standoffish this weekend, don’t be surprised when he doesn’t come through with a big V-Day surprise. Boys are literally so dumb. Even if you’re with the girls this weekend, drop hints over iMessage about something that would be fun for “Wednesday” (you can consult our guide on what to do on Valentine’s Day based on the length of your relationship first. This way he thinks it was all his idea.


This weekend is all about getting and doing exactly whatever the fuck you want. Be cautious, though, with the Sun entering the top of your chart, people will be watching. You might want to check over your shoulder twice before putting that Baileys in your coffee at work Friday morning. Like, get off my ass, Linda, the weekend starts now! If you get caught, you can always blame it on your weekend horoscope offer your boss a drink too. Sharing is caring, right?


The Sun’s angle to Mars means you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with your significant other this weekend, but you probably won’t see eye to eye on what constitutes a good time. Like, football season is over, can we please do brunch at a real restaurant and not a sports bar on Sunday?! Honestly, Ryan. There are only so many beermosas you can choke down before you take on the general size and shape of a lineman.


You’re known for getting your hopes up and then being super disappointed when things don’t live up to your ridiculously high expectations. Even though you might not realize it, you have a good thing going. Don’t fuck it up by putting too much pressure on the situation. Remember how you thought romance was roses and fancy dinner when you were, like, 12? That was stupid. Don’t be disappointed when your boyfriend shows up this weekend or on Valentine’s Day with one of those heart-shaped pizzas.


You need to do something both fun and competitive this weekend to blow off a little steam and keep yourself from going insane next week. The Sun and Mars energizing your relationship zone means a date with a competitive aspect is just what the doctor ordered to get the romance juices flowing. Ew, I immediately regret phrasing it that way. Think bar games or, like, remember bowling? It’s seriously three dollars and you can get fucked up on cheap drinks while you do it. I’m just saying, it’s an option.


The best way to not be frustrated with shit going on at home is to GTFO of your house. There’s only so long you can stare at your roommate’s dishes in the sink or clothes on top of the dryer. Frustration with your living situation builds Friday, so plan shit to do that will get you out of the house for an extended period of time. And if it’s your roommate or boyfriend who has been annoying you, obviously don’t invite them to come along. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, or it will make you realize you need to ditch the fuck out of that person.


Sure, everyone likes to preach about how open and honest communication is the best way to go. Let’s be real, though. Most people don’t like it at all when you’re actually honest with them. You have some pent-up frustration that you feel ready to let out. Yeah, it’ll feel really good to get it off your chest, but don’t be surprised when whomever your anger is directed at does not take it very well. You’ll have a better weekend if you just zen the fuck out and get over it. Likewise, you’ll have a better Valentine’s Day if you don’t spend the whole weekend bitching at your boyfriend about how much time he spends with his dumb friends.


Your charm is on the rise and certain people will find you irresistible. If you’re taken, you’re on a path to be just a delight as we head toward the Most Romantic Day of the Year. If you’re single AF, there’s a good opportunity for you to meet someone new and exciting this weekend. Of course, considering the timing, you need to play things cooler than normal. Speaking of cool, don’t make plans for Sunday. Your enthusiasm will far outreach your ability to follow through on doing basically anything.


You’re generally pretty social, and the vibe really continues into the weekend. After a week of drudgery behind a desk, it’s best for your spirit and soul if you don’t spend much of the weekend sitting down. As a natural-born leader, you should take charge of organizing the group activity this weekend. Don’t be super lame and try to get people to see a movie or some dumb shit. Think out of the box and your friends will be super impressed with your creativity.


The Sun’s position to Mars is not one that’s going to favor the bold. In fact, laying low this weekend and letting things play out behind the scenes will be the most beneficial for you. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be a stay-at-home bore-whore all weekend. It just means that when drama starts up between your friends, it’s best you stay the fuck out of it. You don’t need those negative vibes in a month that’s supposed to be all about love.


The Sun is getting ready to exit your sign, so enjoy this weekend while it lasts. Treat yourself to some indulgences this weekend while you can still claim it’s “for your birthday”. Remember though, this weekend, less is really more. You don’t want to barrel toward Valentine’s Day being known as the group try-hard. You can be impressive without being forceful about it. Practice your ability to have some fucking grace this weekend.


You’re normally so chill, but right now, you don’t feel fucking chill. You have a lot on your mind and want to get it out. So instead of having a Real Housewives sized meltdown where you toss Pino or flip a table, try calming yourself down by focusing on just yourself and not others. Even if you have to blow a wad of cash on a day at a spa or one of those horrible, trendy workout classes, investing in yourself this weekend is the best way to not end up with a mug shot.


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