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The Internet Is In Shambles After Hearing About Gerry And Theresa's Divorce

Well, it’s official: Love doesn’t exist. I was actually in a great mood today until I heard the cursed news that The Golden Bachelor‘s Gerry and Theresa are getting divorced after just three months of marriage. Yes — even Gypsy Rose and Ryan made it longer than that. America’s reality star grandparents decided to ruin us with this information on Good Morning America, of course. Nice and dramatic. Apparently, they were still doing long distance up until the breakup because they couldn’t agree on a home. Gerry and Theresa were “100 percent committed to making it work,” except obviously they weren’t. Sigh. At least they had a prenup.

In trying times like these, we must lean on each other’s intelligent and informed commentary for comfort. That’s why I’ll be mourning on Twitter for the foreseeable future. If you also desperately need a coping mechanism in this difficult moment, I’m here for you. The Bachelor Nation community will get through this together. Here are the most relatable Twitter reactions to Gerry and Theresa’s divorce announcement.

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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