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The Girls Are Reacting To The Brandy Melville Documentary And It's Not Good

So when creepy old men craft an entire brand around the spirit of innocent teen girls that’s a bad thing? Who woulda thought! But HBO’s new documentary Brandy Hellville exposes the despicable behavior plaguing fast fashion clothing brand Brandy Melville that goes far deeper than just a white-washed Instagram account. With the documentary’s shocking revelations of sizism, in-store racial discrimination, and group chats laden with anti-semitic propaganda making waves, former Brandy die-hards and girls who were never accepted behind its “one size fits most” doors alike are chiming in.

Some girls feel taken advantage of by a brand they believed in, while sustainable shoppers were stunned to see Brandy right up there with Shein in the fast fashion hall of shame. No matter the take, everyone agrees that girls of all sizes deserve better shopping options than overpriced nationalist-wet-dream doll clothes. Here are all the best Brandy Hellville tweet reactions.

Twitter Says It’s Over For You, Brandy Melville

Former Employees Have Entered The Chat

Girls excluded from the Brandy movement make a good point…

Marissa Dow
Marissa Dow
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