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Travis Kelce's Thoughts On Taylor Swift's Life-Changing Matty Healy Situationship

As a society, we’ve now had four days to process The Tortured Poets Department, and we’ll need at least 600 more. Swifties were mentally bracing themselves for a Joe Alwyn breakup album… but that type of content is only a small fraction of what we received on Friday. Taylor Swift’s brand new double album is packed with Joe, Matty Healy, Travis Kelce, and Kim Kardashian references. (Plus a random shoutout to Charlie Puth??) I don’t think anyone expected Taylor’s short-lived Matty fling to have such an enormous impact on her. The eccentric Brit seems to have been her primary muse for TTPD, despite the fact that she dated Joe for six years.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Taylor’s current BF, everyone’s fave Football Guy, had some questions after hearing these tracks. I mean, the singer was in love love with Matty, and there are rumors that their love story began all the way back in 2014. If I was Travis, I’d be feeling a bit stressed right now. Does he know the complex lore behind these songs? How does he feel about Taylor’s apparently intense situationship with Matty? I did a deep dive for all of us.

Travis Kelce’s Reaction To TTPD Matty Healy Content

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Travis is just a no-drama kinda dude. According to an Entertainment Tonight source, he “couldn’t be more supportive and is pumped for Taylor” following her album release. They noted, “He knows how much this means to her and thinks she’s extremely talented.” Awww, a football player on the outside and a softie simp on the inside.

He doesn’t seem to feel remotely threatened by Matty or Joe, which is iconic. A source told The Daily Mail that Travis “understands” his girlfriend’s songwriting style and gets that her lyrics are “a major part of what makes her the person and artist she is.” He is not interested in “looking to thwart the direction she takes.” King.

He and Taylor have discussed the album and which people inspired all the songs, per the source. “Joe or any of her exes is not of concern to him whatsoever,” they emphasized. I just want the confidence of an NFL superstar.

Which TTPD Songs Are About Matty Healy?

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy
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How much time do you have? Based on my extensive Taylor and Matty research and careful lyrical analysis, the following tunes from the album are probably Matty-inspired: “The Tortured Poets Department,” “Down Bad,” “But Daddy I Love Him,” “Fresh Out The Slammer,” “Guilty As Sin?,” “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can),” “loml,” “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” and “Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus.” That is at least nine songs that really seem to be about the controversial 1975 singer.

The pop queen sings about an addictive, whirlwind “cosmic love” with him that was “legendary” and “momentary.” She included pointed TTPD lyrics about his typewriter obsession, smoking habits, and not-so-great reputation. It’s giving teenage rebellion, but I’m here for it.

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