Celeb-Inspired Travel Outfits That Are Chic Yet Comfortable

With the summer FINALLY deciding to show up this year, thoughts of vacationing are consuming us. So in this week’s fashion column, let’s talk travel outfits. Now this may not be a big deal to most people, but like a lot of things that don’t matter, it consumes my thoughts. Travel outfits can be tricky. Sometimes I’m feeling sporty, sometimes I’m feeling chic, and sometimes I just want to look really fucking cool. TBH I just want to get really good Insta shot. However, I never want to be that girl going through airport security in stilettos—and neither should you. Somehow, celebrities always manage to look extremely fashion-forward and put-together even when they just got off a plane, so I’m looking to them to inspire some solid travel outfits.

I have three airport looks that I have recreated and changed a little, but of course, it’s all a look for less!

Look 1: Kendall Jenner

First up is Kendall, who is always effortlessly cool with her style. She can wear a paper bag and call it fashion and I would still think she’s the coolest person on the planet.  Bitch. 

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Kendall is the inspiration for my sporty airport look. My windbreakers are from forever 21 paired with a white crop top also from forever 21. Throw on with a pair of white sneakers, and you are literally good to go. Add a fanny pack and leather jacket to your look and people will ask you if you’re TSA pre-check.

Pants: Forever 21 striped Cali joggers
Top: Forever 21 rolled hem crop tee

Look 2: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Airport looks also depend on where you’re going. If you need to be off the plane and headed somewhere quickly you may need to upgrade your style from sporty to chic. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does this perfectly, so of course I’ve copied her.

I’m wearing a basic black pant and black tee from Forever 21, but Zara has a similar pair of pants. I paired it with a nude trench from Naked Wardrobe. I threw on some Steve Madden heels, and I literally feel like someone should be directing me to the private plane section. Also, mini bags are super on trend right now. I found this one in my mom’s closet, but here are some similar ones.

Travel Outfits

Pants: Zara the high waist in Revolve black
Shirt: Zara rib T-shirt
Trench: Naked Wardrobe out of touch sheer trench

Look 3: Olivia Culpo

Next, sometimes you just want to look really cool, like you’re an international pop star boarding your flight for your upcoming tour. (Not like I dream about that or anything.)

Olivia was my inspo for this look, but I switched it up a bit. I’m wearing Zara joggers, which are extremely comfortable. I then threw on this crop black sweatshirt from forever 21 and a black leather jacket. Now it depends on how you’re feeling if you want to wear sneakers or a heel with this look.  But since I’m an international pop star, I threw on sock boots on for the gram.

Travel Outfits

Pants: Zara jogging pants
Top: Forever21 active mesh panel hoodie

Images: kendalljenneroutfits, bowdowntorosiehw, oliviaculpo / Instagram; Maya Media