The Top 10 Ugly-Hot Celebrities Who Will Make You Question Everything

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One of the many things men are afforded in this world that women can never attain, apart from being allowed to be CEOs and autonomy over their own bodies and like, general respect, is ugly-hot status. When a girl is not hot, she is either expected to shell out Kardashian-level amounts of money on a makeup/plastic surgery/fitness regimen to fix that shit, or go live on that island made of trash in the Pacific ocean, where I assume they send all uggos over the age of 30. When a man is not hot, he has the opportunity to attain ugly-hot status, in which women collectively decide to be attracted to him for his unattractiveness. It makes no sense, yet here we are. Many male celebs have risen to superstardom on the back of ugly-hotness *Cough*Adam Driver*Cough*, and we straight gals find ourselves inexplicably in love with them. Maybe even more in love with them than we are with regular hot celebrities, probably because they seem more attainable. Like sure, Ed Sheeran performed at the Grammys, but he’s also a ginger and kind of doughy so maybe he’d date me? Probs not, but still. In honor of ugly-hot bros everywhere (and our feminist rage jealousy over the fact that ugly-hot girls is not a thing), here are the top 10 ugly-hot bro celebrities. Slide into their DMs if you dare.

For more hilarious videos just like this one, subscribe to our Youtube channel!