This Tool Will Make Planning Group Trips So Much Easier

There are few things in life surer to cause headaches than planning a group trip. Even the highest-functioning friend groups hit their planning roadblocks, whether it’s the flaky friend not settling on a date, petty disagreements about how much to spend, or someone (me) turning into a control freak and making all the decisions.

You already use KAYAK to score the best deals on things like flights and hotels, and now KAYAK can help with you plan a group trip without the logistical headache (can’t help you with your needy or habitually late friends though.

Every group of friends has a distinct set of (lovable-ish) personalities – you might be the late-comer or a classic high roller, but hopefully your group has at least one MVP (Most Valuable Planner, see what they did there?) to keep everyone in line. Check out this video KAYAK made highlighting seven types of travelers; I have a feeling it’ll be painfully relatable.

And if you’re doubting the powers of this tool, then your’re probably the 4th personality in the video  (eye roll).

Thankfully, KAYAK is here to solve all (lolz, okay, not all) our group travel issues with Trip Huddle, designed to help you plan now, so you can focus on having fun later.  The tool addresses three of the most important parts of planning a trip—where to go (Cancun, anyone?), when to go, and where to stay, by allowing each member of the trip to vote. It’s exactly what you’ve always needed, and it couldn’t be more convenient.  That means less time going back and forth with your friends on a group text, more time planning cute outfits for Insta. Everyone who wasn’t a lucky member of your KAYAK Trip Huddle is going to have major FOMO, we can tell you that much.

KAYAK can’t guarantee that your vacay will be drama free, but Trip Huddle is exactly what you need to keep complaining at a minimum so you can focus on more important things, like what filter to use. So when you’re planning your next summer getaway with 17 of your closest friends, use KAYAK Trip Huddle so you don’t start your trip off already pissed off at each other, k?

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