Tell Boring Sex To Fuck Off With Our Ultimate Yes, No, Maybe WLW Sex List

Okay, we’ve all heard of yes, no, maybe lists, right? You know, the long menus of sex stuff to try out with a partner to 1) make communication a little easier, 2) be a little less vulnerable, and 3) stop chickening out on your wild, weird fantasies and settling for 10 minutes of the same sex routine for the 86th time in a row. The idea is to alleviate the pressure that can come from a head-on, face-to-face conversation and eliminate any feelings of judgment — all while figuring out what ~sexy ideas~ both you and your partner are open to. 

The problem? There are barely any wlw lists out there for the queer and lesbian couples and sapphics among us. We’re here to change that with the ultimate Yes, No, Maybe WLW List. 

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Here’s how it works: You can either fill out the below list on your own, with a partner (together or separately), or with your friends. If you like the idea of something, mark yes; if you’re a little unsure, mark maybe; if it’s off the table, label it a no. When you’re done, check your list against your partner’s or friend’s to see what you’re both down for. And if you’re filling this out solo, keep this in your back pocket for your next hookup — because if you’re gonna have a one-night stand, why not check wax play off your sex bucket list while you’re at it?

When comparing lists with a partner, respect the nos, but don’t get hung up on them. Instead, focus on the yeses and maybes you have in common, talk openly about what you really want (and absolutely do not want) in those scenarios, and then, when you and your partner are ready, do the fucking deed! (It’s OK, you can thank us after your fourth straight O.) 

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The Ultimate Yes, No, Maybe, WLW List: 

Y = Yes

N = No

M = Maybe

___ Adopting a cat within the first two months

___ Anal

___ Anal fingering

___ BDSM

___ Biting

___ Blindfolds

___ Bondage

___ Boxer strap-on shorts

___ Chair sex

___ Choking

___ Deep throating

___ Dirty talk

___ Double-ended dildo

___ Dual-sensation play (i.e. clit stimulation and penetration)

___ Edging

___ Face sitting

___ FaceTime sex

___ Fingering

___ Fisting

___ Flavored dental dam

___ Flavored lube

___ Frottage/Dry humping

___ Giving up acrylics

___ Group sex

___ Hair pulling

___ Happy-ending massage

___ Homemade porn

___ Lap dance

___ Leather strap-on harness

___ Licking

___ Lingerie

___ Matching carabiners

___ Mutual masturbation

___ Naked wrestling

___ Nipple clamps

___ Nipple play

___ Oral

___ Period sex

___ Phone sex

___ Power play

___ Praise

___ Pussy massage

___ Roleplay

___ Saying “I love you” first

___ Scissoring

___ Sex parties

___ Sex toys

___ Sexting

___ Sharing closets

___ Sharing coming-out stories

___ Shower sex

___ Spanking

___ Spitting

___ Staring deep into each other’s eyes

___ Strip tease

___ Sucking

___ Tantric sex

___ Temperature play

___ The knee thing

___ Threesomes

___ Tribbing

___ Uhauling

___ Using a playful/colorful dildo

___ Using a realistic dildo

___ Vulva/penis worship

___ Watching Bound together

___ Watching But I’m a Cheerleader together

___ Watching Shane and Carmen sex scenes

___ Wax play

___ 69ing

Jillian Angelini
Jillian Angelini
Jillian (she/her) is a displaced New Yorker, writer, and occasional hot yoga-goer. When she’s not writing about sex, relationships, or queer things, you can find her reading about sex, relationships, and queer things. Follow her on Instagram @jnangee, or don’t; she really only ever posts her cat.