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Charity Told Us Exactly What She Packed For The 'Bachelorette' Mansion

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Be serious, if you watched last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, you know it’s all about first impressions. So, like, it’s incredibly important to have absolutely everything you might need when going on incredibly awkward “mini” first dates. And while Charity’s nice-girl demeanor might not make for the most dramatic season ever, want to know something that is dramatic? Me when I’m packing a suitcase to legit go anywhere. So, the mere thought of trying to pack my life into a bag for an entire season of The Bachelorette would fully send me into a tailspin. Not for Charity, though. Maybe it was the fact that she was already a contestant or the fact that she was, “not here for the foolishness,” either way, she was 100% prepared for the moment.

Lucky for you, we were able to steal her for a second and get the inside scoop on what she actually brought to the mansion. Not only did we get a look into her luggage and wardrobe, but she shared the essentials you’ll need for your weekly viewing sesh (heads up: stock up on wine for next Monday @ 9 PM on ABC).  Now, let’s get down to what we’re all really here for (which is obvi the right reason).

First And Foremost, Skincare

“Okay, I so am definitely a skincare girly. My entire skincare routine came with me.” Charity says.  “I use Urban RX, which is a black-owned facial skincare company. I was like, yeah, no, I cannot have pimples emerging on my face while I’m filming — so, I had to make sure my skin was taken care of.”

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Not A Baby Blanket, But The Next Best Thing

“I had a comfort sweatshirt—it’s my go-to sweatshirt. Obviously, I knew I was going to be away from home for a long time, so [I just wanted] something that was familiar to me.” Charity chimed in. Which is honestly something any millennial can relate to. I think we all have a sweatshirt that’s been worn so much that even when you wash it, it probably doesn’t come out *completely* clean. The cozy topper Charity was referencing was her old college sweatshirt.

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The Essential Essentials, Literally

Oh, my essential oils,” Charity mentioned as another critical item in her suitcase. “I knew I was going to need that to calm myself and cracked [open] literally all of them. My go-tos are lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus. So, pretty basic, but things that I knew were just going to provide me peace and calmness, and also just take care of my overall wellness.”

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GRWM, Bachelorette Edition

“I like to call my style sense a little bit of a crossover between chic and glam, and you’ll see those two elements kind of come together [this season],” Charity explains when asked about her personal style.  “[For] makeup, I like to keep it really soft—a natural glam. I don’t ever really do too many bold looks, but you’ll see a few iconic makeup looks or big eye looks this season.” One thing she always using? Maybelline and Real Techniques. In both the season premiere and on her personal social accounts, you’ll always see Charity using a great lip combo and trustworthy brushes.

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Time For A Drinking Game

“Oh, my God. All the glasses of wine. I will say you need lots of wine this season.” Charity was adamant about her beverage of choice when asked about her viewing-party staples. “I love a good charcuterie board, just something to snack on throughout. When I’m with friends, if we’re ever binge-watching a show, it’s always a spread. We’ll have a charcuterie board [and] different types of dips. Anything to keep yourself going. But also wine. That’s all I can say. Wine.” I think it’s safe to say you might want to grab a glass (or two) for next week’s episode.

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