Summer Jewelry Trends That Aren't Trying Too Hard

I reaaally love jewelry. I’m a 90s betch, so yeah, I guess you can say I’ve always had a soft spot for chokers, anklets, and chunky necklaces way before they were a thing again. It’s a lot more fun to accessorize a simple outfit than it is to stress over wtf you’re wearing for over an hour. Regardless of the style, shape, or color, you’re always going to get compliments on your jewels and therefore, you’ll most def wear it a million times, so the occasional splurge is worth it. Every year, the trends change drastically, so it’s honestly kind of fun to keep up with them and see which piece of jewelry we will shit on before we secretly buy it online when no one is looking. This year, there are quite a few chic options you should be getting used to seeing all over your feed. Here are the summer jewelry trends you should be incorporating into your looks this season.

1. Fruity Shit

No one really knows how, when, or why this became fashionable, but food is very much in rn. The sweeter it is, the better it looks, somehow. I’m talking about like, lemons, pineapples, and watermelons. Cherries are also a classic option. People seem to be loving that shit on their dresses, so why not put it on some necklaces and earrings?

Alex & Ani Pineapple Adjustable Necklace

2. Hoops And More Hoops

Mhm, girl. Hoops just keep on coming, and they’re going to be even bigger than they were last summer. This year, consider adding some bling or stones to them for an added bonus appeal and you’ll have the confidence level of Rihanna. Okay, can’t guarantee that last part, but at least the earrings will be on point.

Ettika Bright Lights Hoops

3. The 90s Are Literally Never Leaving

It’s starting to feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone, because at this rate, we’re basically stuck in time. Trends from our favorite decade—say otherwise and I hate you—are still relevant and for some reason, keep hitting the shelves of our favorite stores. This summer, body chains and jeweled belts are all the rage. Sounds cringey, but you’ll eventually find yourself adding them to your shopping cart in preparation for your scandalous poolside Instas.

Urban Outfitters Camila Crystal Body Chain

4. Cute Seaside & Beach Icons

Starfish, sea shells, rays of sunshine, and of course, palm trees are just a few of our favorites come summertime. They’re reminiscent of everyone’s favorite season and make us think of tropical vacays, and therefore, they make us happy af. Why wouldn’t we want to wear mini versions of them on ourselves?

Palm Tree Crew Pendant Diamond Edition

5. Vintage-Looking Bracelets

You know that bracelet your mom used to wear in the 80s that you once thought was fugly? Yeah, bring that out again because vintage-looking bracelets are actually considered so adorable and trendy this season. Good for them! I swear, I mean this in the least catty way possible.

Free People Shimmer Wrap Bracelet in Brown Multi

6. Statement Rings

Your delicate bands and dainty stackable sets are cute and all, but this summer is all about chunky eye-catching statement rings. Don’t like, overdo this and make it look like you’re wearing brass knuckles. Just one or two on each hand is plenty.

ASOS DESIGN Chunky Ring Pack In Burnished Silver With Feather And Turquoise Stone

Images: Savs / Unsplash; Palm Tree Crew; Alex & Ani; Revolve; Urban Outfitters; Free People; ASOS
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