Twitter Is Coming For Stassi Schroeder After She Made A Joke About Nazis

Last night, while you were all watching the Golden Globes and I was continuing a drinking binge that began at 12:30pm that afternoon, Stassi Schroeder stepped in it (again) with a very distasteful and unnecessary joke about Nazis. Truly, is there any way to tastefully make a Nazi joke? Probably not unless you’re half-jokingly calling Taylor Swift one. Anyway, fresh off her #MeToo podcast fiasco, Stassi uploaded a photo to her Instagram story in which she describes her outfit as “Nazi chic.” Yeah, I’m being serious. 

Stassi uploaded an Insta story featuring herself, Kristen, and that random girl Rachael who isn’t on Vanderpump Rules but probably wishes she was on Vanderpump Rules, posing for a mirror selfie. She captioned all their outfits with some kind of “chic” descriptor—Rachael is “criminal chic”, Kristen is “Tupac chic” (Tupac was chic on his own, so fuck you, he doesn’t need your endorsement), and Stassi’s outfit? You deduced it: that’s the “Nazi chic” one. 

The backlash was swift, with users on Twitter calling for Bravo to fire Stassi. I think anyone who’s ever watched Vanderpump Rules knows that’s probably never going to happen, but I appreciate the solidarity. Stassi quickly re-posted the photo and changed her caption to “#Elsa-Indiana Jones Chic”, but the damage was already done. Also, why would she not just have said “cop chic” from the get-go? Stassi is clearly wearing a leftover hat from a sexy police officer Halloween costume, or like, the hat J.Lo wore throughout all of the early 2000s—but you’re right. That’s not the issue at hand here. The public was still not having it, understandably, so Stassi penned a lengthy apology in which she educated herself on the Holocaust and acknowledged that in a time when Neo-Nazis hold prominent positions in the White House, it is far too soon to joke about them being “chic”. 

Just kidding—this is Stassi we’re talking about. Instead, she posted this meme:

Trying To Make A Joke

Real classy, Stassi. I’m sure when even more of her podcast advertisers drop her, THEN we’ll get another signature “sorry you were offended” blog post that still manages to shirk responsibility. I can’t wait. If Stassi cares at all about clinging to relevance, she’ll leave the joking to comedians and people who are actually funny, but I’ll get just as much joy out of watching her slowly tank her own career, one insensitive “joke” after the next. JK again. She’s a rich white woman—I’ll have to get my shits and giggles out of watching her say one problematic thing after another and somehow avoid all consequences for her actions. God bless America.