Selena Gomez's Mom Was Reportedly Hospitalized Because Of Justin Bieber

Last week, we discussed how Selena Gomez’s family was reportedly not super thrilled about her reunion with Justin Bieber, and how they probably weren’t spending Christmas together because of the tensions. Well, it seems like things have taken a turn for the worse, and you literally won’t believe it.

Early Tuesday morning, reports surfaced that Selena’s mom Mandy had been hospitalized last week, and the reason is truly baffling. Apparently, Selena told her mom that she and Justin were in couples counseling, and her mom just couldn’t handle it and had to be taken to the hospital. Jesus Christ, I thought my mom was dramatic when she was sending me passive-aggressive texts.

Medical staff were reportedly called to an LA hotel, and Mandy was voluntarily transported for treatment. We have no idea what this means, other than that she wasn’t carted off against her will. It sounds like she was released later the same day, so at least the news about Justin didn’t do too much permanent damage—no literal heart attacks here. 

Selena’s mom seems okay now, but it’s probably safe to say Justin still isn’t getting an invite to the Gomez Christmas in Dallas. It’s been a long year for that family, and the last thing they need is another trip to the hospital. Let’s hope Santa puts some Xanax in poor Mandy’s stocking, because homegirl really needs it.