Scott Disick And Bella Thorne Went On A Date

Relationships are hard, especially when you get way too fucking invested in celebrities’ lives and then everything goes to shit. Case in point, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. They fought constantly and were obviously a mess, but we’re still not completely convinced that they’re not meant to be together. We don’t have a problem, we swear.

But while Kourtney and Scott spend their time apart, Scott is making his count. He was recently seen out on a date in LA with Bella Thorne, who’s less famous than the Kardashians (obviously), and you probably only know her because all your 10-year-old campers are obsessed with her. Unlike the Kardashians, though, Bella has actually displayed glimmers of talent on her Disney Channel show, Shake It Up

Scott and Bella went to three different places in the same night, which seems pretty ambitious. The first two were restaurants, and they reportedly got food at both, because it doesn’t count as two separate dinners if you have them in a row; it’s just one extended meal. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I eat pizza for both lunch and dinner. After that, Scott and Bella hit up a club with live music—where Bella may have had to take her fake ID out for a spin—where they stayed until 1:30am.

Now we’ve arrived at the major issue with this whole situation: BELLA THORNE IS FUCKING 19 YEARS OLD. Scott is 33 if you were wondering, which means he has absolutely no business fucking anyone with “teen” in their age. One Tyga per family is enough. Bella is actually a couple months younger than Kylie, which is just gross to think about. We have a feeling Kourtney won’t be impressed when she finds out Mason’s new stepmommy is only like, 10 years older than him. Yikes.

We have no idea if this was a one-time hangout or an ongoing thing, but we really hope Scott is into girls who are old enough to buy themselves a drink. We have standards, Scott, and so should you.