EXCLUSIVE: Robby Hayes Throws Shade At Nick Viall For Copying His Ring

Between the upcoming Dancing With The Stars gig, his heinous fashion choices, and his general existence, Nick Viall really didn’t need another opportunity to prove he ain’t shit. But he did it anyway, when it came to light that Nick likes his wedding rings like he likes his relationships: second place. WTF do I mean? Well, Girl With No Job noticed Nick’s ring for Vanessa is actually the same ring Robby Hayes picked out for JoJo Fletcher in her season of The Bachelorette. If you’ll recall, that was only one season ago—which, even though it was the one Bachelor spinoff Nick Viall didn’t appear on in the last three years, still wasn’t that long ago. How’s it feel, Vanessa, knowing your engagement ring was first intended for another brunette with long barrel curls? 

Neil Lane, the designer of the engagement rings who at this point Nick may or may not keep on retainer, defended Nick’s choice, explaining to People , “I bring six rings and over the years, over the 9 years, some are the same, some have changed settings or are re-designed, and some are totally new.” He added, “The most important thing is for a ring to speak to the particular man and to the woman he is in love with. If a ring doesn’t speak to one person, then it wasn’t meant to be. If that particular ring wasn’t meant to find a home with JoJo, but rather spoke to Nick and Vanessa, then that’s the way it should be. It’s found its home.”

Nick And Vanessa

Honestly, all this is pretty fitting, considering nothing Nick does is new. But what about Robby—how does he feel that Nick basically copied his ring? Well, wonder no more because WE ASKED HIM. Don’t believe us? Check the receipts in the form of handy pic (because it did happen):

Robby Hayes Exclusive Betches Interview

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In an exclusive statement to Betches, Robby said:

“Nick, Nick, Nick… Just when you think Monday’s final episode has ended and Nick has finally found his happiness, you wake up Tuesday morning to find this. Drama follows this guy around huh?” 

Robby adds:

“You know, I watched Nick constantly wear Chubbies shorts this season, similar to myself last season, so I guess seeing that he chose the same ring doesn’t surprise me. He seems to like my style, right? Who knows, maybe the no-socks look is in his future. We just need to make sure he burns that turtleneck!”


“With that being said, I wished that I had the opportunity to showcase that ring first and on Jo’s hand, but things didn’t work out to where she got the chance to see my selection. Vanessa looks thrilled with Nick’s choice and as long as she’s happy and is ready to spend the rest of her life with that beautiful Neil Lane cut on her ring finger, then I’m happy that it found a good home. She deserves it!”

Sooo there we have it. Everybody wins in the Bachelor-verse. Except for Vanessa, who has to spend the rest of her life—or until her endorsements run out, whichever comes first—with Nick.

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