Honoring Legendary Betch Princess Diana on the 20th Anniversary of her Death

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death, and it’s still one of the saddest days in betchy history. Even though Diana was a little before our time, we can still appreciate how much of an icon she was, and how she represented all the most important parts of being a betch.

First of all, she was stunning and poised and graceful, qualities we can all aspire to, but given our life choices, will probably never attain. From her legendary outfits to her beautiful blonde hair, she always looked like the perfect modern princess, which is basically our aesthetic. Her life was about as stressful as it gets, and she somehow still looked perfect and calm.

Princess Diana

She also had the wedding of the century, so like goals. Of course the dress looks dated now, but we would do anything to have that perfect fairytale wedding. If only our mother-in-law, like, ran the whole country or something, that would be cool. The marriage wasn’t meant to be, but that wedding was like no other.

But besides being beautiful and having a perfect wedding, Diana was also a badass woman who wasn’t afraid of living her own life. She was involved with dozens of charitable causes, including destigmatizing AIDS in the 80s, and raising money for cancer research. After splitting up with Prince Charles, she tried to live her own life, even though she got constant media attention no matter what she did. Her tragic death in a car crash came way too soon, but people have never stopped loving her.

Princess Diana

RIP Diana, keep it betchy wherever you are.