The Best & Worst Fashion On 'Pretty Little Liars' Through The Years

Last night Pretty Little Liars returned and so did my will to live. And while I love finding out how A will torture these losers next (who wants to bet it involves A replaying “Can’t Stop the Feeling” over and over again?), I cannot WAIT to see what ABC Family—excuse me, Freeform—is calling “fashion” this season. I’ve sat through a lot of bullshit over the years *cough* ARIA *cough*. And while most of the characters’ fashion choices were hard to watch, they did serve their purpose as great fodder for my PLL group chat.

So thanks for the memories, Freeform. Because of you I thought chunky accessories were cool for far longer than I should have. That was great for my personal growth. And in honor of the final season, here’s a look back at the best and worst PLL fashion moments:

Anything They Made Aria Wear Ever

I really wanted to like Aria. She’s supposed to be the edgy, artsy, tortured soul of the group. I live in Brooklyn so, like, I can sympathize. But instead of seeing some cool street fashion to inspire the Instagram stories of high school try-hards, we got this:

Aria Pretty Little Liars

Who else feels personally victimized by this pageboy cap? Just me? K. Like, are we to believe that this is the look of someone who could seduce their teacher? Seriously? I’m not buying what you’re selling, Freeform.

The Liars’ Funeral Attire: The Early Years

Do the leis seem a little too casual for the funeral of a friend who was murdered? Anyone? Like, no wonder Mona came back from the dead. Obvi to seek revenge on the moron that gave out hideous leis at her funeral.

Pretty Little Liars Funeral

The Hoedown Outfits

If I’m being honest, the themed dances could have had their own article, but that’s for another time. Maybe on a darker day when we really need a pick-me-up. For now, we’ll just address this monstrosity:

Pretty Little Liars Hoe Down

I’m not even sure what happened in this episode but I’m certain someone died/was maimed/ended up in the hospital because that always happens at any school sanctioned events these girls show up at, but I can’t even focus on the carnage that may or may not have happened in this episode because my eyes are blinded by these rodeo hoe outfits. All I can say is these bitches are lucky they didn’t pull this shit in college. If someone showed up to my sorority’s cowboy themed mixer in THAT getup they would not be returning, that’s for damn sure. 

The Chunky Belts

You couldn’t forget these outfit staples even if you wanted to because Freeform made it their personal mission to make chunky belts happen. The belts could have been their own character on the show for how much sabotage they were playing in the girls’ lives style. While A was, like, threatening to tell their parents that they were fucking teachers and blinding other members of the student body, the belts were low-key trying to ruin their social lives.

Pretty Little Liars Chunky Belts

Ah, to be a fly on the wall of the PLL stylist’s room. Like, where was Tim Gunn to tell the designers to please use the Aldo styling wall THOUGHTFULLY?? Make it work.

Emily’s Sporty Styling

It’s like they’re trying to say something by always putting Emily in the butchiest outfits they can find. Hmm maybe it’s the flannel…

Emily Pretty Little Liars

Or the camo….

Emily Pretty Little Liars

Or her T-shirt, cut-off jean jacket combo…

Emily Pretty Little Liars

Oh, got it. She’s a lesbian. Thanks for making that clear, Freeform.

The Mom Chic Look

Who else is worried by Alison’s outfit choices these days? It’s like ever since Ali came back from the dead she decided to forgo her Regina George status as ruler of Rosewood High and instead started dressing like a PTA mom. And, like, a PTA mom who isn’t very popular. I mean does this look like the same girl who could emotionally eviscerate you with one look? Does it??

Ali Pretty Little Liars

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Alison is like that girl from high school that you still stalk from time to time on Facebook. She used to be hot but the passage of time has stolen both her beauty and style. Now you only look at her FB page to feel better about the fact that you’d never be caught dead in those mom jeans. It’s really the little things in life. 

The Use of Mixed Prints

Surprise, surprise. Aria makes the list again. This look was obviously designed to give A seizures and provide a brief respite from torture for our little liars. A bold move, Cotton. Unfortunately, this look only tortured us.

Aria Mixed Prints PLL

The Liars’ Funeral Attire: The Later Years

I want to hate on this look but I can’t. Every single one of them is slaying, even the has-been Ali in her Mormon-chic dress over there. I’m not sure if I want to befriend them or report them for dress code violation, but with way they are killin’ it. 

Pretty Little Liars


But no one was fucking trendier than A. From her all-black ensemble and leather gloves to her thirst for gossip and vengeance, she set the bar high. And tbh after writing this article I’m understanding more and more why she’d want to take down these losers. You do you, girl. 

Pretty Little Liars

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