'The Bachelor' Producers Still Sound Salty About Peter Kraus Not Proposing

Even though Arie Luyaldkjareiowa Jr. is in full swing of filming his season of The Bachelor, many of us (hi) are still not over the loss of Peter Kraus. No, he didn’t like, die or anything, but he wasn’t chosen to grace our TV screens for 10 weeks in January, looking for love and Instagram sponsorships. It’s a damn shame. But that doesn’t mean Peter is staying out of the spotlight—the opposite, in fact. If you, like me, are a psycho who follows Bachelor Nation more closely than you follow the actual news, you’d know that Peter has been out and about in the press circuit, doing interviews, appearing on fellow Bachelor alums’ podcasts, and generally milking that runner-up fame. (Get yours, King.) Peter recently gave an exclusive interview to UsWeekly, and he answers a lot of our questions, such as “WHY?” and “HOW COULD YOU?” and “PLEASE COME BACK!” Okay, so that last one isn’t a question, but he does address if he will be coming back to the Bachelor franchise.

In his interview, Peter revealed that he was approached to be the next Bachelor a few weeks after filming wrapped, but it was more of a casual “is this something you’d be into?” than an explicit proposal (ironic). Peter said he was initially conflicted because when you surrender yourself and all your rights (presumably) to a reality TV show, you obviously don’t have control over everything that happens, and Peter is a self-proclaimed “control freak”. IDK about you, but it kind of makes me like him more. *Makes mental note to bring this up at my next therapy session* And although Peter initially said he was surprised that Arie Lufthansa Jr. was announced as the next Bachelor, Peter suggested to UsWeekly that the decision was a little more mutual than that. “I was not ready for this and they agreed,” he said. 

I don’t know about you all, but I see that comment for what it is: an attempt by Peter to get back on Mike Fleiss’ good side so he can maybe be The Bachelor next season. I’m just saying. Why else would you act surprised and then turn around and claim the breakup was mutual? You wouldn’t. Peter is scheming, but I am not mad about it.

When asked about if he’s appearing on The Bachelor Winter Games, Peter said, “I’m just waiting to see. If offered, I’d probably do it.” 

What are you waiting for, ABC? Are you guys STILL salty that this man wouldn’t propose on your damn show? Get over it, and get him a first-class ticket to wherever the fuck you’re filming these games. If you guys are waiting for a personal invitation, here it is. Go call Peter and invite him to compete on Winter Games. Shit, if y’all are too scared to call him, just give me his number and I’ll do the asking for you.