8 Cute One Piece Bathing Suit Styles You Haven't Seen Everywhere

Whoever declared one pieces back in style should be awarded the Nobel Peace prize. This anonymous angel deserves to be recognized for helping women all across our great nation feel confident in a swimsuit again. Pretty much every girl I know is insecure about her stomach area (which totally makes sense since women hold weight in their lower mid-sections, and also that society imposes impossible beauty standards on us). What kind of cruel world is this? Luckily, for the time being, we’ve been liberated from society’s unrealistic expectation because one piece bathing suits are vvv trendy right now. Here are the cutest one pieces in this summer’s freshest silhouettes.

1. High-Cut Bottoms

LOVING this trend right now. Like, who doesn’t? Without fail, high-cut bottoms make even the stumpiest legs appear longer and more lean. Not only that, they give your swimsuit just the right touch of sex appeal. Pick an otherwise simple swimsuit that features a high-cut bottom and you’ll be the epitome of subtly hot. It’ll look as if you couldn’t possibly have any idea that all the lifeguards are actually checking you out.

Norma Kamali Marissa one piece

Reina Olga Ruby one piece

Nicholas x Revolve one piece

2. One Shoulder Strap

This style will make you look classy af and is def the chicest option right now. But, be warned, your high-fashion bathing suit does come at the expense of some awkward tan lines. So if you’re okay with that, then this style is totally the way to go. A one-shoulder style is super glam and makes you look like a Hamptons regular. See you in Montauk, loser!

Beach Riot Jen swimsuit

Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Cutout one piece

Kopper & Zink Cleo one piece

3. Belted/Tie-Waist

As if one pieces alone weren’t saving the world, the belted or tie-waist detail will eliminate ANY tummy insecurity you may still have. The belt or tie feature will perfectly hide your burrito baby while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of a smaller waist. As the great Charlie Sheen once said, “#winning.”

Solid & Striped The Victoria one piece

Lovewave The Elaine

Tularosa Claudia One Piece

4. Sexy Straps & Cutouts

Reserved for those more daring types, a huuuuge trend right now for summer swim is borderline inappropriate cutouts and straps. Sidenote: I probs wouldn’t wear these styles to the beach with your bf’s fam…but idk, maybe that’s just me.

Lovers + Friends Jetty one piece

Indah Caper one piece

Norma Kamali Andy one piece

5. Zipper Front

This trend is the perf combo of sexy and sporty. Somehow the zipper manages to give the swimsuit both an athletic vibe as well as a flirty vibe simultaneously. Look, I don’t get how it works either, but you know, there’s just some things in life that we can’t explain. Like, how the hell Pete Davidson and Ariana are already fucking engaged. So like, let’s move on and just know that the zipper one piece is always a good choice.

Solid & Striped The Anne Marie One Piece

Lovers + Friends Zippy one piece

Blue Life Zipped Up one piece

6. Ruffled/Frilled Bottom

If you’re going for a sweet and innocent look, this is the bathing suit for you. Like, this is the probs the one you should  be wearing to the beach with your boyfriend’s fam. The ruffled bottoms give the suit a feminine and playful look without looking like you bought it in the little girl’s section. The frilled bottom is very Bachelor-alum-turned-Insta-influencer, Amanda Stanton type vibes. (Although she probs did buy hers in the little girl’s section so she could match with her now Insta-famous daughters.)

Montce Swim Pom Pom one-piece

Lovewave The Lima one piece

Tularosa Daisy one piece

7. Knotted

Knotted suits are a great option if you’re trying to show more skin without looking like you’re trying to do so. The knotted look is very on trend, so you’ll look like a girl with great style who “just so happens” to be showing off her gym progress. Fair warning, this is another style that’s going to give you some tough tan lines.

Tularosa Vera one piece

Tularosa Merra one piece

Lisa Marie Fernandez Triple Poppy one piece

8. Smocked

The smocked look is a trend for both clothing and swimwear this summer. The smocked look is very summer-esque and trendy in the most non-aggressive way. So like, opposite of your blackout self demanding pizza on your way home from the bar, ya know?

Tory Burch Costa one piece swimsuit

Nicholas Rainbow Stripe one piece

Peony Swimwear one piece

Like I said, one pieces are very trendy and cool right now, so don’t assume you’re going to be the only one on the beach wearing one. If you want to separate yourself as the elite, stylish girl that you are, then be sure to choose one in one of the aforementioned stylish silhouettes. Let’s not be basic—you’re better than that.

Images: @zonde/unsplash; Revolve (22); Shopbop (2)
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