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Obviously, We Dug Up Everything The 'NYC Prep' Cast Is Up To Today

Layer up those camisoles and throw on your shutter shades because, for a precious few minutes, we’re about to feel like it’s 2009 again. The Bravo Gods have delivered NYC Prep back into our lives on Peacock and I’m obsessed with/frightened by the Upper East Side terrors all over again. The cast was filled with bitchy little teens with allowances bigger than most adults’ disposable income. From hundreds of miles away I, along with many delusional high schoolers, dreamed of transferring to an elite private school in New York City, hoping to become one of the cool kids. About 15 years later, middle school is out of session, but the NYC Prep cast is still as chic and rich as they were in their Bravo days. There have been glam Vegas weddings, engagement rings the size of my head, and babies born to Instagram chefs. Here’s a thorough update on every NYC Prep alum we were once jealous of, from gossip boy PC to their real-life Spencer Hastings, Camille.

Where is the NYC Prep cast today?

PC Peterson


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I knew Peter Carey Peterson was a lot back then (I mean, his parents kind of set him up for drama with that name). In re-watching the cult classic, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t just memorizing Chuck Bass’ lines from Gossip Girl and regurgitating them verbatim for our entertainment.  PC was Jessie’s bff with a serious attitude problem. PC has stayed mostly low-key on socials, but he did share pictures in 2018 from his Vegas wedding to a different childhood friend, Esme, in which Tiffany Trump was a flower girl… sounds about right. That union has unfortunately since dissolved, according to Esme’s divorce filings.

Jessie Leavitt

Jessie from 'NYC Prep' at an event in 2015
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Jessica Leavitt AKA Jessie was the Blair Waldorf of the NYC Prep crew, with similar aspirations to crack the fashion scene, starting with her own professionally styled wardrobe. Jessie was networking at fashion shows and eating at STK before most of us could pronounce “Cavalli,” so it’s no surprise she graduated from FIT and started a career as a fashion merchandiser in the city. Jessie married a man (who is not PC) in a 2019 ceremony officiated by her brother. Outside of working the NYC and Hamptons social scenes (is it crazy to hope she could fill the potential opening on Summer House?), Jessie has kept her life private on her Instagram account.

Sebastian Oppenheim

The resident prepubescent playboy of the tween scene has traded in his Bieber-esque “surfer” locks for a real estate license. Hearing a 16-year-old boy contemplate hooking up with between “two and 16 girls a month” was low-key jarring to hear as an adult, so I’m thrilled to report Sebastian Oppenheim is living a v wholesome life in Philly with his cooking Influencer wife, Skyler Bouchard, with whom he shares an adorable child named Arlo.

Kelli Tomashoff

The show’s tiny diva (who apparently sprung her short-lived reality career on her parents thanks to an assist from Jill Zarin’s daughter Ali) followed her popstar dreams in 2011 with her one and only single “Gave Up On Love.” Since then Kelli has managed to stay off the social media radar.

Taylor DeGiovanni

Taylor DeGiovanni from 'NYC Prep'
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Back to the Gossip Girl references, if Sebastian was the obvious Nate, then Taylor DeGiovanni was his angsty Vanessa from the wrong side of the tracks. And just like her scripted TV counterpart, it’s laughable that Taylor was considered the “poor one” of the group (she went to one of the best public schools in the country that is considered a direct pipeline to the Ivy League) solely because her cast mates were rare members of the “top half of the 1%.” Taylor has completely retreated from the public eye since the show’s one-season-wonder moment.

Camille Hughes


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Camille Hughes was the certified brainiac of the bunch who was hellbent on getting into Harvard. While Camille’s dreams of Boston didn’t come true, she ended up at a different prestigious university, the College of William and Mary. She got engaged to her now-husband Michael during quarantine in 2020, whom she later wed in 2022, and most recently had their child, Charlie, at the beginning of 2024.

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