New Music From Bryson Tiller, Steve Aoki, & More Must-Listen Songs

Welcome back to another edition of me telling you what music to listen to. There’s a lot this week, so I am not able to put it in one specific category. You can go to the Spotify premade playlists if you’re looking for that—but isn’t having something written by a human much nicer? IDK, call me old fashioned. Anyway, this week we have a diverse lineup of new music. We’ve got pregame bangers, pop-electronic crossovers, some moody R&B, and a f*ck you anthem or two. Take a listen to all the new music that came out recently, and be sure to follow the Betches Spotify New Music playlist, where you can listen to all these songs in one place.

“Wake Up In The Sky” by Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars & Kodak Black

Enjoy this brief period of bliss before this song is all over the radio and you want to rip off your ears every time you hear the introduction. In any case, this song is the banger we needed today. We, as a nation. God bless America.

“Cold Outside” by Moxie Raia

Okay, first of all. With a name of Moxie Raia, I’m instantly jealous—it’s so cool. Second of all, Moxie is gorgeous. THIRD OF ALL, she’s insanely talented. As I said previously about TroyBoi, smh. Some people really have it all. This song is smooth and jazzy and nice and poppy. It’s called “Cold Outside” but it will make you feel anything but.

“Better by Khalid

Praise Jesus, our underage Lord and Savior has released new music. Honestly at this point, Khalid could sing the sound the dial tone makes and I’d be like “damn, this sh*t bangs.” The vocals are slow but the percussion is heavy, meaning I f*ck with this song heavy. It will put you in your feels, but like, not all the way in there, which is my preferred state of being.

“Money” by The Orphan The Poet

I get major Good Charlotte vibes from this song. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to like this song, but I really dig the throwback feel. Also the central theme of all your friends having money is an extremely relatable sentiment.

“Be Somebody” by Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, and Kiiara

Tbh, they had me at “Kiiara” with this song; Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero are bonuses as far as I’m concerned. First of all, these lyrics are my 2018 MOOD: “I don’t need you, cause I got me / I don’t need you to be somebody.” This is a pop-dance hit. It’s a good song to pregame to, but I kind of think this is a better driving song. If I was listening to this song on I-85, I would probably have much lower blood pressure.

“Canceled” by Bryson Tiller

My actual husband for real, Bryson Tiller, dropped another signature banger for side chicks everywhere. This is really just a classic track from Pen Griffey: prominent percussion, fast-paced verses interspersed with slow crooning, lyrics about being wronged romantically… I am HERE. FOR. IT.

“Hate You” by Kate Nash

Kate Nash is literally me right now. Like, this video, which just came out today, is basically the visual equivalent of me every time I tell my friends I’m going to burn a guy’s house down because he didn’t text me back. (Also she commits a murder in this video soooo….) This song is the angry pop anthem anyone who’s ever dealt with a man f*cking needs. Thank you, Kate. Thank you.

“Caught Up” by ALIUS and Un-Ti

I like the drop of this song a lot, and could imagine myself hearing it at a festival and being into is. ALIUS is a producer and songwriter based in Melbourne. This song combines pop and electronica for a summer jam that got released just a little too late for it to be an actual summer jam. Still, I enjoy the song. I guess I’ll have to save it for next year *glares angrily at the sky*


Sara Levine
Sara Levine
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