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Corsets Were Having A Main Character Moment At The Met Gala — So We Ranked Them

Though unfortunate for women everywhere, it seems like corsets are making a comeback — or at least that’s what celebrities were trying to make happen with their Met Gala 2024 looks. That’s right, along with being tortured by lazy floral fits and off-theme ensembles, we’re now being punished by a fashion trend that not only feeds into backward views on what women’s bodies should look like but also is just really fucking painful. 

Of course, the shapewear queen herself, Kim Kardashian, was at the forefront of corset appearances at the Met Gala. 

Kim and her entire family are already at the root of so many impossible beauty standards for women — something even Kylie herself has wondered about on Kardashians. Every year at the Met Gala, it seems like Kim tries to one-up herself on how small her waist and big her butt can look. And this year takes the cake. Kim literally looked like she was struggling to breathe… and I had some very serious inquiries about where her ribs went. 

Don’t get me wrong: I think a cute little corset (that allows for normal lung function) here and there is a look. And aside from Kim, there were a few celebrities who wore corsets that weren’t a danger to the human body — and they looked great doing it. Here’s a ranking of the Met Gala 2024 corset looks. Let’s “ooh” and “ahh,” but do me a favor — let’s all agree to admire these looks but leave corsets in the past where they belong.

9. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian met gala 2024
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We all know how I feel about the corset but I really just hated this look. The weird random cardigan on top, the lazy hair — I was not a fan. Kim is gorgeous and has done some really great looks but she needs to let go of this obsession with looking like she’s not a real person. And until then, she remains at the bottom of this list.

8. Lizzo

lizzo met gala 2024
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Lizzo is so gorgeous and (until we figure out what happened with her lawsuit) has always been an advocate for bigger women feeling their best. This is why it’s so disappointing to see her in something that isn’t flattering at all. I know she’s supposed to be a tree but they could have made her a sexy tree. Even with a corset, the dress bunches up weirdly in most places and just doesn’t look all that great.

7. Ariana Grande

ariana grande met gala 2024
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It’s not that Ariana looks bad, it’s just that she looks boring AF. With a new album release and all of the not-so-great press she’s been getting lately because of her relationship, you’d think she’d use the Met Gala as a statement that she’s still that bitch. I’m just unimpressed.

6. Aurora James

aurora james met gala 2024
Image Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

I think this dress had a lot of potential — there are so many cool shapes and textures going on. But all together, it wasn’t that great. The body looks snatched, though!

5. Ashley Graham

ashley graham met gala 2024
Image Credit: Dia Dipasupil via Getty Images

The corset on this outfit is really beautifully made and Ashley looks great. I think the bust could have fit better and I’m not crazy about the sequined look but I’ll give her fifth place.

4. Karol G

karol g met gala 2024
Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

love this look. From the exaggerated hips to the sheer fabric — I’m a big fan. I didn’t quite understand the elf ears (I guess we’re cosplaying now), but all I know is she looks really good and that’s all that matters on the red (green?) carpet.

3. Teyana Taylor

teyana taylor met gala 2024
Image Credit: Aliah Anderson via Getty Images

I love every single thing Teyana Taylor does, and her Met Gala outfit is included. Not only is the corset cinched the perfect amount, but everything else about the dress is perfect too. The dramatic red color, the roses all over, and the red drops everywhere? Gorgeous, gorgeous.

2. Cardi B

cardi b met gala afterparty
Image Credit: Daniel Zuchnik via Getty Images

Cardi B has made herself a fashion icon these past few years and the Met Gala was no exception. She wore this red corseted look for the after party and I’m in awe. Not only is it super sexy, but I love the way the dress is constructed.

1. Taylor Russell

taylor russell met gala 2024
Image Credit: Theo Wargo/GA via Getty Images

I saw this look and gasped. No notes!

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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